How do I make sure that they won't start discriminating between my two children?

Hi, I am Penelope. 5 years later, I was diagnosed with infertility. We tried some treatments. Nothing was successful. Finally, we adopted a child. DH's husband was opposed to the idea. They said it was unnatural. However, they came around. Our daughter is now 3 years old. Now, this is where things get complicated. I found out last week that I am pregnant. It' nothing less than a miracle. I am just so scared of how things will play out. I don't want my daughter to feel complexed or anything. However, I feel that DH's family might make her feel that way. How do I make sure that they won't start discriminating between my two children?

  1. [ deleted account ]10 months ago

    I think you need to keep your eyes open to it being possibility and if you see something, say something right away. Never let your daughter feel like you didn't stick up for her!

  2. camillenanjala5 months ago

    Congratulations for your pregnancy. But I am sure that such things do happen. Not only to them but to you too. Its fine that you went for the child. But how sure are you that you might start feeling some preferences. Remember one you carried for 9 months. You know the pain. But the other is someone's else child. You are supposed to try hard not show any difference in your treatment. My mother passed away while I was still young. So when my foster mother came in. She treated us all well. My brothers and I. Till hen she conceived her own baby. You will just see the difference in the way she could treat us. She was not forced to enter in marriage. It is something that she walked in willingly. Knowing that we are present. and she was happy raising us as her own children. She also stayed long before she conceived. More than 7 years. So perhaps along the way she gave up the dream of becoming a mother. Till when she got pregnant. Then is when we knew her true colors. Am not saying that she mistreated us. Bu there was a difference in the way she treated her biological son. So you are the only one to stand for your children. Do not let other mistreat her because she is not of your own blood.

  3. callisy2 months ago

    Adopted children sometimes come from a place of hurt and abandonment, and may have suffered from malnourishment, drugs, or alcohol while in utero problems your biological child likely did not face. Regardless, both of your children need the same things from you love, trust and protection -- though it may take extra time for your adopted child to reap the benefits. Though you may worry your children will have difficulty adjusting as adults because of their different beginnings or because they aren't biological siblings. I encourages parents to invest equally in both children, recognizing that your adopted child especially needs your attention and love in order to thrive. Both children will flourish, though possibly at different paces. if parents are committed to their children, there will be no significant differences between this type of a blended family and a biological family. Your children's relationships with one another will be grounded by the shared upbringing you provide. Your blended family is the norm for your kids.

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