How do I stop feeling this way?

Hello everyone. I am feeling quite dejected. My sister and I were both pregnant at the same time. We were due just one month apart. However, two weeks ago I had a miscarriage. Of course, that alone was pretty hard to deal with. However, the fact that my sister still has her baby makes it worse. Don't get me wrong. I am happy for her. I hope something like this never hapens to her. Despite that I find it hard to be nice to her when she is around me. She was being extremely supportive in the start. Then I think she noticed the shift in my attitude. For the last 2-3 days she has kept a distance. I don't blame her. How do I stop feeling this way? My sister is my closest friend in the world.

  1. callisy11 months ago

    Dealing with a loss is something painful. If your sister noticed the change in your behaviors then perhaps she feels she needs to give you time. You need to get time and get over the loss. It is not your sister fault that you had a miscarriage. Neither is it your fault. So being mad at her or someone who is expectant will not help it. I do know you feel bad about it. That you would have been a mother. And since she is the closest person in your life you tend to put the pressure on her. Or could have been better if you could go and see a doctor. Or a counselor or anyone who could help you get over the pain. My doctor in Bio texcom really helped me while dealing with my loss. I know it will be of much importance to you too. It helps relieve the pain. Making you stronger looking forward for anther activity.

  2. [ deleted account ]11 months ago

    I totally get it. I wanted a baby for years before I had one. It seemed like everyone around me was having them. And I had a miscarriage too, although very early. It is excruciating when your body fails you. You feel betrayed and angry, and your ability to control your feelings and release them in less destructive ways is nearly impossible. You have to know the only thing that heals these wounds is time. Close your eyes and tell yourself you just have to ride the wave. You have to wait it out. I hope when you are ready, you will try again and have success. And take the time and distance you need. Your sister will forgive you.

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