How many are single moms? How feel about being a single mother??/

Iam a single mom I feel like a challenge Iam both mom and dad, It been hard for me, Ive had alot on my shoulders, last couple years, Havent gave up, Ive had my moment where I cried, and felt alone, But at the end of the day your kids are blessing know matter what.

  1. ZachsMom091 year ago

    I am also a single mom. It definitely has it challenges and struggles. I definitely had my down times but I think I have come through it a stronger person. I have a very positive outlook towards life and my family right now.

  2. Samantha Ciaravino1 year ago

    I am a single mom! I prefer being a single mom, but that's probably because I am weird. It's not easy and you aren't the only one. There have been days where I've sobbed in the shower too (only place they can't hear me! HAHA). The hardest thing for me is trying to make new friends. Between work, kids, their extra curricular activities, I've noticed that I've not made time to make mom friends with other moms like me and I'm trying to work on that! Sometimes, you just need to take a deep breath remind yourself that you can do this. I've been in the foster care system, the military, a military spouse, and a single mom over my life. By far, the most emotionally taxing and hardest job has been being a single mom. Just remember, it's okay if you can't do it all at once. Forget it. No one is perfect and you are doing the best you can!

  3. Marley 10110 months ago

    Being a singal mom has its pros and cons I am a singal mom and I have many pros I think my cons would be more torwards a new relationship

  4. Janellelynn10 months ago

    Samantha I totally get what you are saying about preferring it! I was a single mom and now remarried. Being married or single has it's pros and cons. I did love that there was a concrete schedule when I was a single mom which meant I actually had some time to myself and didn't have to feel guilty about it. Lane, keep your head up mama, it will get easier as time goes on and you may meet someone else eventually which will help even more. Just try to avoid dating anyone who will add to your stress!

  5. Kangelee8 months ago

    I am a single mom of two boys #MOB (mother of boys). I have been a single mom going on three years now. It has definitely had its challenges but yet has its many rewards and victories! There have been many nights I have cried because of feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to parent boys. I come from a domestic violence background so crying about wanting my husband back was nowhere in sight. Mainly my tears came from needing guidance on how to be an effective single mom. Through the struggles, working three jobs, no car, no place of our own to call home, we have found ourselves being one another's strength. I am currently reading Boundaries with Kids and other books on dealing with Boundaries by the same author which has helped me out tremendously. Not only that, I have been blessed to start a single mom's support group at a church I have joined! The single momdom has not and still isn't an easy road to travel but it has gotten a lot easier! Love you, single moms.

  6. panchal8 months ago

    I can understand your sufferings. Being a single mother, you have to take over all the responsibilities. This is the hardest aspect of life. You are an inspiration to all the mothers. I have an aunt who is a single mother. Her husband died very early and she did everything for the best upbringing of her kids. She had two children which are grown up now. Now, she is free of their responsibilities and she is very happy now. I know you also facing a very hard time now. But, your children will gradually grow up and stand on their legs and will surely make you feel proud. I have seen that children of single mothers are strong enough to tackle any situation.

  7. vally8 months ago

    Hello, First of all, I am proud of you being a single mother. Generally, it is the horrible period of life and also, you can't go back even you want. This is actually toughest time of life but you have to follow it; there is no any option to choose the right one. Also, it is May possible to get depressed due to heavy stress. But one thing you need to keep in mind that time is never stopped, it is going on. That means if it is a bad time or unexpected time then don't worry because next, it will be a good time. You just need to get more positive and confident because if you will lose you all hope then how can you manage or growing your child. It is your responsibility to take care of your child, so don't need to be a panic. In my opinion, you need to manage your work perfectly or smoothly because if you will manage your work perfectly then you will be able to give proper support to your child that they actually need. So just trust on the god and feel proud of being a single mother. The god always helps who work honestly.

  8. priyaangel25878 months ago

    Hello my friend, I am sorry to hear about your problem and thank you that you are sharing your personal experience with us. I hope you will find a good solution of your problem at this forum. It is always a good option to share your problem with others so that you can find a solution. It is a very hard time of any women’s life when they face the challenge to find the responsibility of mom and dad. These days, it is very common to become a single mother and you should not give up your responsibilities. I know that you are a strong woman and you can face this challenge with your baby. You should not take stress on your mind and you should not lose hope and happiness in your life. It is very important to stay positive towards life and you will find that your life is becoming beautiful day by day. You should enjoy little things with your kid and you should be strong in this condition. If you want to be happy, you should not live alone. You should make some good friends who can understand your feelings and who can be with you in every phase of your life. If you are able to stay positive towards life, you will be able to get happiness and hope in your life for a lifetime. You should try to give much time to your family and your baby because both of you can live happily for the lifetime. You should wait for right time and you will find that your life is becoming positive and beautiful with your baby. Best of luck for your future and I believe that you will become a great mother.

  9. lakha8 months ago


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