How to care ?

Hi, my dad met with an accident a few years before. He had a small injury to his neck. But at that time there was no much problem with that. But from few months he is finding very difficult with his neck. He has pain around his shoulder blade while standing and sitting. He also complains that he has tingling or numbness that mainly affects shoulders and arms. And the stiffness of the neck is increasing. When I consulted our family doctor he said that my dad will be suffering from Cervical spondylosis. the accident that has taken place before may be the main reason for that. He has prescribed medicines for the same. But he added that taking him to a neurological rehabilitation center in North York ( ) may help. I am planning to take him to there. Is there neuro physiotherapy? How will this help my dad? Is there any other way I can try at home? Please help me out.

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