How to care my mom who is 82 years old?

My mother is 82 years old. As the result of old age, she is not that active as before. She says that she is always tired. I used to tell her that if she sits idle it may result in weakening her health. Last day I took her for the morning walk with me. She was very active throughout the day. But her health conditions are not allowing her to enjoy her life. She suffers from hand pain leg pain and even back pain too. When we go out without her. She will be alone in home. At that time she thinks about her health conditions and gets stressed. Last day she suggested that she want to undergo biofeedback procedure from a clinic in Toronto ( How will this treatment help? Will there be any reduction in pain? Will her stress level be reduced? Is there any method that I can try to reduce her stress level? Please help me out.

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