How to make her overcome the fear?

My daughter has always wanted to learn swimming. She is 9 years old. When she had holidays, I had enrolled her in a swimming class. The classes had begun a week ago and she was loving it. She was always excited to go for the classes.
But the other day there was an accident there. There was no one to supervise the kids for a while and my daughter nearly drowned.
We took her to the hospital and she is getting better now. We have approached a child injury lawyer in Toronto, It was due to their negligence this occurred and they need to be sued for this.
However, she has developed a fear of swimming. Even though she had always loved swimming, she is just too scared to even talk about it now. I think it’s because of the sudden shock.
What can I do to make her overcome this fear? Has anyone experienced something similar?

  1. Dara2111 months ago

    My daughter had a similar experience around the age of 2. We have spoken to her about it (she's 3.5 now). She still brings it up occasionally. It has taken until now for her to feel comfortable even being in the water, with floaties, playing on the steps. It has taken a lot of time, patience and reassurance, just to get to this point. I can only imagine how scary that must have been for a 9-year-old. Short of considering therapy, at least short term to get her talking about it, I would just give her time, reassurance and reminders that she is safe both in and out of the water, especially if Mom or Dad is there. I would not force her to get back into the water until she is ready. Just my two cents.

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