I am a single parent

Hi there guys, I am a single parent. A mother. I have to work also. I have one boy. My husband divorced me an year ago. After that I have won the custody of my child through court. I love him of course I want to be with him all the time. My son is my everything now. I just want suggestions that what should I do. I am not giving much time to him due to the work load. I work at Ralph Lauren in fashion. I have to manage work there as well. I want to give time to my child too. Please suggest me what should I do to keep balance. I am not balancing these two things and I am feeling bad for it. Please suggest me the things that I have to do to keep balance. Any help would have been nice for me. Thanks in advance you guys.

  1. Tperry11 months ago

    I am so sorry you are going through this. It must be very hard to be away from him so much, especially having an only child. My son is the only one at home so he is like an only child. I am going through a difficult situation in my marriage and will likely soon find myself in your situation. I would say make the time you have together special and focused on him. The fact that you are feeling this way shows that you are a great mom and love your son very much.

    Please excuse my lack of advice, it is late and I was about to fall asleep but wanted you to know that you are heard and your feelings are important. I would be glad to respond again, after some sleep.
    Feel free to message me anytime.

  2. KatieTan10 months ago

    Well, i can understand your situation. Being single parent is really a tough job. You have to keep a balance between work and home and of course you have to give time to your child too. Your child demands you more time because he may feel the absence of his father. I know you are unable to give him quantity time because of your job but give him quality time when you are with your child. Don't feel guilty as you are not giving him much time, the only thing that you are doing is a job for his better future. Stay strong and brave, you are doing very well.

  3. KristenBoyd10 months ago

    Hi there. How are you? I think giving attention to your child is more important than doing work. You need to work hard for sure, I know, but what will you do of that hard work which will take you away from your son? You may search online jobs. You can also do a job for fewer hours. I wish you all the best. Take care of your diet and health.

  4. marylux10 months ago

    Hi Hannah. Single parenting is always hard and challenging. It is understandable how bad you are feeling for your child. I would suggest you try to spend as much time with him as possible when you are off your work. Give him quality time; you have to learn to manage between your work and your personal life. Hope things will get better soon and you will learn to balance out everything.

  5. MarcellaCornett10 months ago

    Well, I might get it your circumstance. Continuously solitary guardian will be generally an intense particular occupation. You must keep An parity the middle of the worth of effort and home What's more obviously you must provide for a period will your kid excessively. Your youngster requests you more time in a light he might feel that nonattendance about as much father tan. I know you need aid unabated to provide for him amount the long haul due to your particular occupation At providing for him nature period As you would with your tyke. Don't feel liable Likewise you would not providing for him the considerable time, the main relic that you need aid completing an occupation to as much better future. Sit tight solid and brave, you need aid completing delicately.

  6. Jasmine2210 months ago

    I am depressed after reading your story. I am so sorry you are going through this in your life and facing hard times in your life. Indeed It must be very hard to be away from him so much. I know you can do this and you will do this in the end, especially having an only child it's very difficult. You have to learn to manage between your work and your personal life. Hope things will get better soon and you will learn to balance out everything. This is a part of life, so you have to go through from these situation with lot of confidence and patience. I wish you best of luck in your future. Your situation is complex, you have to stay calm and don't take too much stress.

  7. Diana1998 9 months ago

    I am sorry to learn that your husband divorced you and you are now struggling to bring up the boy. However, I am motivated that the court saw it fit to give you custody of the child. You see bringing up a boy without a head figure in the house is a difficult thing. I have on several occasions been called upon to offer counseling services to boys who have been brought up by single mothers. This has prompted me to grab this opportunity and offer some ideas on what you need to do to avoid the pitfall. Now normally, there will be no problem until the boy attains the age of 13 years. This is the time adolescent stage starts setting in and the boy starts feeling that he has become a man. Boys at this age want someone who they can copy and emulate. If the father figure is missing in their house, they will copy from their neighbors. This is the time boys start smoking cigarettes because they have seen the men they think are their models do. It is also possible that the boy will start showing rebellious behaviors and may not want to take instructions from the mother. They realize that they are men and so something tells them that it is bad to take instructions from a woman. In school, when it becomes difficult for the female teacher to handle the boy. They become rude and often they will engage other boys in fights. I am not saying that your boy will do this no! I am just trying to caution you.

  8. Boone8 months ago

    Well I am sorry for your divorce. I don't know what else to say. It's just really bad. I think you should talk to Ralph Lauren guys. I know they are going to help you in this matter. It would be very helpful for you to talk about your situation with them. I know you want to give him time. Still you have to earn for them also right. It's not like that you could just let it go. I think you should consider some good daycare center as well. Until your situation is not covered by the Ralph lauren, The good daycare center will help you with your child. It's really good trust me. Just try it.

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