I am worried

"After marriage,
My husband is changed now. He was a very loving person before our marriage. He was a different person then. I felt different now. Sometimes some problems occur but we solve them but I felt the change in his attitude now. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe it's just what I am thinking. Maybe it's not difficult at all. I am so much worried. Is there anyone who is facing the same problem with her husband. What are these things?? why this happens??? What are possibilities. Help me please. I am worried.

  1. nica52411 months ago

    Hi you need to re think again , Men and women think differently. So sometimes, communication between a couple can be complicated. If he is voicing that he often feels misunderstood, take the time to really listen to each other and understand where the other is coming from. Doing so is essential to a strong marriage.

  2. hannahperk11 months ago

    Hi dear. How are you. Me and my husband were in the long term relationship like 5 years before our marriage. At first after our marriage I thought that too. But this is not like that. Relationships are different. Married life is different just accept it please. This is going to be like that. Don't wory. Everything will be fine.

  3. aylawoodruff10 months ago

    Hi!Sorry for what you are going through.Men don't change after marriage, however, situations, circumstances & time emphasize to change men & the change is always for a good purpose. Seriously not an easy stuff to fulfill the desires of loved one like in parents and relatives wife and her parents and relatives though I'm not married I have seen things occurring in front of my eyes in the following manner.I think all done with lots of busy schedules.

  4. Vivianblack10 months ago

    hey hannahperk! It's a natural thing.These are some changes that men and women have in their nature after marriage.Do you know a man become more untrusty after marriage?Before marriage or during engagement period they dream you of everything.It seems like There is no one who cares about too much at this level.Maybe your husband is going through some weird situation.Maybe he has a loss in his business.Maybe his mother is not happy as she was before your marriage.Maybe he is expecting something more from your side.My suggestion is if you both consider having a kid then you can minimize this distance.Think about it.Maybe it proves helpful for you.Thank you.Hope so it will guide you.

  5. anne6790710 months ago

    Hey hannah, i am sorry for what you are going through, it is a really tough thing to have your spouse have a shift in their behavior. it happened for us when we were trying to get pregnant and we were failing. our relationship went from being really loving to kind of silent and and very warm. i would suggest that you have an open heart to heart with your husband and tell him how you feel, and get to know how he feels too, and why he had changed his behavior. it could be something that you guys can mend. that is how it was for me and my husband. we manged to sort out our emotions. i hope that the same thing happens for you too. best of luck!

  6. Diana1998 10 months ago

    Hi Dear
    First, let me start by saying that I am really sorry for the state you find yourself in. Many women go through a lot in the hands of their husbands even though most of them don’t talk about it. It is good that you have opened up and decided to share it with ladies here. I want to believe that what you have done is the right thing and I am sure that by the end of the day, you will benefit from the advice you will get. Typically, when you fall in love, it is always a lot of praise from your partner, and somehow you start feeling that you were meant for each other. However, things happen along the way, and you will start noticing changes. I am sorry to learn that your husband has changed. We need to look at some of the things that make men change so that we start avoiding them.
    First, the way a woman expresses her feelings can make a man lose interest in her. Women should remain alert to avoid big problems. Being erratic, indecisive, ie, inability to make decisions in all situations can turn men off. Also, if their behavior and opinion keep on changing, it can make men lose interest. Second, forcing men to change their behavior all of a sudden can severe an otherwise good relationship. Fourth women who feel insecure and are always jealousy to the extent that they distrust everything their men do will become victims of a weakened relationship. Endless crisis turns men off. Lastly being controlling and women who think that they should control everything will turn off their men.

  7. TheOptimistic9 months ago

    Hannahperk, married life is like a rollercoaster. In this entire ride, you need to know how to harness yourself firmly. Mood fluctuations, attitudinal changes, are all part of this. I rather consider them as a means to come closer to each other. If you are feeling that your spouse is showing some unusual changes, it is better to discuss and not keep them inside. Speak out all that is in your heart. I believe that words destroy barriers. Keeping your thoughts to yourself can be fatal for the relations.

  8. DiannaViktor9 months ago

    Hi Hanna! I know it's not easy after marriage. But, you have to go with it! anyway! What is it particularly? I mean what makes you think that? Is there any particular thing he did? that makes you tense. I mean if it's with daily routine then you should go with it! If' its nothing big. Be specific! So, I can help you better. Looking forward to your reply...xx

  9. callisy4 months ago

    Sorry for what you are going through. Perhaps you should try to understand what your husband is going through. Perhaps have you tried asking him what is wrong? It might be pressure for his place of w0rk. Or maybe family problems. Such things do occur in marriage. But the two of you should be supportive of each other. When you feel he is changing you should be there for him. To encourage him and comfort him. You are the only support he will ever get. Rather than letting him go and get that support somewhere else. Most of the times things do not work out in later years of marriage. But now that it is happening than you expected. You should just sit him down and talk to him. If you feel it will not work that way. You can get someone else who is experienced in marriages assist you.

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