I am worried about my daughters...

Hello! Hope all of you are doing well. I have two daughters, Kristen and Bella. The 10-year-old girls are twins. They get ill at the same time. Last day while brushing Kristen got a bleeding on her gums. I have heard that bleeding gums are the early sign of gingivitis. I checked her teeth but it doesn't have any decay or plaque. But for now, every time after her brushing her gums starts to bleed. Blood stains will appear on food items while she bites. So I am planning to make them undergo family dental services from Ajax ( ). Now only Kristen has the problem, but I think Bella also will have the same. Every time they will have the same problems. So I decided to take them to have family dental checkups. Is there anything to worry about gingivitis? What are the precautions to avoid the same?

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