Lonely, bored, and not a lot of friends


I'm 8 months pregnant and am struggling. I feel lonely all the time and like I don't fit in with anyone. I have no one I can share being pregnant with. I have some friends, but not very close friends. I have no family support on my side as I'm estranged from my family. Sometimes, most of my life, I feel anything good that happens for me I'm the only person that's excited for me and no one else is excited or care to celebrate it with me. Probably why I haven't really been excited about having amother baby. I feel that I want validation and approval from others because I didn't get it as a child. I have no really support or encouragement in my life outside of my husband. I feel like an outsider, uncared for, and unloved. Does anyone else struggle with this? I have no one to talk to who can empathize with me.

  1. Bethxdavis1511 months ago

    Yes I understand completely. It is so hard when only your husband is excited. My friends (I only have one real friend) have no children and don't understand. I feel so lonely and that no one gets it. Being pregnant and lonely is so hard. My second little one is one now and I remember struggling when I was pregnant with feeling alone even though my husband was as supportive as he could be. But I want you to know you are not alone.

  2. Wicked Sweets11 months ago

    My heart hurts for you because I know what you're going through. 17 years of therapy later, let me save you the expense. You don't need approval from others, you need to know that you are amazing. Your husband loves you and those two little ones adore you. You light up their world. Your approval needs to come from within. Now, support and encouragement is another matter, everyone wants to have someone to turn to. Join a pregnancy board, try a pregnancy yoga class at your local gym or community center, ask your ob if there are any pregnancy groups in the area. Have you reached out to any moms on here that are local to you? You're not alone, you're a mom, we're never alone :-) I hope this was helpful

  3. Lovelymomma111 months ago

    No I haven't reached out to other moms. I have one friend who had a daughter the same age as mine. We hang out sometimes, but she's on vacation right now. I didn't know there were pregnancy groups. I finally created an account on hello mamas to find support and encouragement. I'm just learning the meaning of friends and that not everyone is your friend and not all your friends are alike. Some friends are younger than me, some are single, some have children who are teenagers.

  4. [ deleted account ]11 months ago

    You are super brave for reaching out. Thank you for being real. I'm sending you all the good vibes and hope you find more friends as real and genuine as you and so you never feel lonely ever again!

  5. tara23411 months ago

    I understand what you're going through to an extent. I have lots of encounters but not many friends. To be honest its just my husband and sister that I can confide in and even so, not everything i feel the both of them would understand. I'm sorry you re estranged from your family but your husband sounds like he is supportive of you. Try leaning on him. I know it can be tough- I recently moved in with my husband's family and I feel like im caged. But it'll get better. Stay positive and focused on your beautiful baby.

  6. rebeccagee11 months ago

    Stay positive. Engage yourself in reading or music. Be happy. :)

  7. julieloran11 months ago

    seriously? pregnancy time is like the period of time when you feel the freedom the most!
    you dont have to do anything, but take care of yourself and the baby. its hard, i know, but thats why you have the whole year doing whatever you like to!

  8. Suhanisuri11 months ago

    I know exactly what you mean
    I have a 2 year old, and when I was pregnant a lot of people stopped talking to me because they didn't feel as though they could relate to me anymore. My parents also wernt in the picture at the time. I know how lonely it is and sometimes you want to talk to another girl!! Give me a shout if you want to talk

  9. priyaangel25879 months ago

    Hi my dear, I am sorry to hear about your problem and I understand your problem that how you are feeling in this stage. It is really hard to stay alone during your pregnancy. I also faced this issue in my life so I know how it feels to know that no one is there for you. I was very depressed and hopeless at that time and I was looking for a good solution for it. It is very hard and bad feeling when you find yourself alone in this stage of pregnancy. I got good help with mum club and I started to visit there regularly. I met with many new friends there and they gave me good advice for my pregnancy time and for my life. With some good friends, I started to feel positive and hopeful. Now I am living a happy and beautiful life with my friends and baby. If you are also searching for such good solution for loneliness, you can join any Ladies Club, mum club, or any health club where you can find new friends as well as good changes in your life. It is very important to make some changes in your lifestyle to get rid of stress and problem. Meditation can be very helpful for you at the stage where you will find good help to solve this problem. It is very important that you can stay positive and hopeful towards your lifestyle. You should not get stress on mind due to this problem and you should not live alone because it will fill your life with depression and stress. I hope it will work for you and you will get good help to find solution to your problem in this stage of pregnancy.

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