My friend is so depressed

"Hi, guys,
My friend is so depressed after her husband left her. She and her husband are trying to conceive a baby for so long. But after nothing's happened her husband just left her. Fights started. Problems started. Many of the problems they faced an then they decided to leave each other of course it's not the best decision but it's good for them I am so much worried about her right now. She is exhausted. She is I depression. I gave her so much moral support that she required. I am asking you all to give her some moral support an tell her those good things are going to happen for her.

  1. camillenanjala3 months ago

    I am so sorry for your friend. I kn9w how devastating this can be. I always tell people that dealing with infertility is so tough. Many people see the physical side. But what really matters a lot is the mental torture. The infertile person starts blaming themselves. I am a counsellor so I have dealt with quite a number of them. These people cry day in day out. They feel like they will not get any assistance. They do not have something else to do. Like the whole world is against them. I do like helping these people. Because I have been through that road. I kn9ow how it hurts. Even know I am a mother. But the mental torture that I still go through is painful. You can take away the physical hurt but never the emotional part. It stays there with you. All the people who went against you. Those who started talking behind your back. They will all start looking nice to you later. When you have managed to fight your problems. So what she needs now s care and support. Especially if you can assist her mentally the better. But you can advise her to try surrogacy. It did work for me after 5 years. I hope it will for her to. Find here more information about it

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