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Hello everyone. Hope you all are having a great time. This forum is very helpful for people's facing different types of diseases. Especially, infertility. It is a curse. A dark age in the life of women. Who wants only one thing. She wants to live all his life for her children. With her children. Good luck to the couples and I support the work of this forum. Goodbye

  1. Amenda8 months ago

    Hi dear salina, hope you are good. My husband and I are going through a very similar thing. He had had two sperm tests, with similar results to your husband. Both on NHS three months apart. At that stage, the doctor ‘referred’ us to see if we’d be accepted for NHS funding. The referral was lost and we only found out 3 months later. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we’ve been accepted for NHS IVF but it still a long way off. Still more tests to do to rule out other conditions etc. Hoping to start treatment around September/October time. Approx 10 months after initial referral. I am telling you it because I want to make you free of tension. Never lose hope. And wish you best of luck.

  2. Susan558 months ago

    Hi Salina. Hope you are fine. Indeed this forum is very supportive. Infertility is very hard to face. It is a bad nightmare for the infertile woman. Every woman wants children. She wants to hold her own baby. Parenthood is a gift. But when you do not conceive naturally you lose everything. I suggest for all infertile couples that do not lose hope. in this era, there are many other options. You can defeat infertility through other options. Ukraine is best for infertility treatment. Infertile couples can go there. they will return with their babies. Good wishes to all.

  3. Leslie Hanson8 months ago

    You're so right. Infertility is so common these days. And it's definitely a curse. It shouldn't exist. Sadly it does. And it's affected so many out there. I think these people should definitely stay strong. A way to cope with this is to look at their options. I know it may seem sad and you may feel like you'll break but it's definitely gonna be worth it. IVF or surrogacy or whatever method you opt for in the end. What'll matter is that you have your child in the end. Best wishes for all.

  4. rebecca128 months ago

    I totally agree with you. This forum is really very helpful and you guys give the best advice. Infertility surely is the most terrible thing a person can ever suffer from. Seeing people have a hard time accepting it is really upsetting. I just wish that people come out of it successfully. I am infertile too and now thinking of moving on. Best wishes to all!

  5. zaviya8 months ago

    I think you should go for the treatment in Ukraine. I’m sure you must be knowing about a clinic there. It’s in Ukraine. It offers very good packages. Their costs are very reasonable. And the best part is that they give a lot of tries too. You can research on your own too. But I will recommend you to visit this clinic too. Good luck!

  6. joshien8 months ago

    Hey there thank you such motivating post. We all need more positive experience. I don’t know why but infertility is getting more and more popular issue. What influences women’s health that much? It is so unfair. Every woman is worthy of having kids. I’m really glad that doctors are doing their best to solve this issue. More and more infertile couples enter the surrogacy programs. My son was also born by the surrogate. That’s why I completely support this idea. It works and it is great. Every infertile couple should know that they have a solution. Whatever they choose IVF, surrogacy or adoption, they will become parents. And it is very important to choose a good reproduction center to help them. Good luck everyone.

  7. jannifer kate8 months ago

    Hi Salina dear! hope you are good at your end. Your story is heart touching. Infertility is a nightmare for a couple. A married couple wants to live a happy life with children. A family is incomplete without having babied. Infertility is curse.this is the most common disease nowadays.causes may be different. I had also fetal abnormalities. The doctor told me I have to go for IVF for conceiving. I had TTC tests . A clinic in Europe helped me a lot on this. I suggest you do not lose hope. There are many other options. You can complete your family through that. Have a best of luck.

  8. niya8 months ago

    I am sorry. It is really sad to lose the rainbow. I would suggest that if there is no significant problem then remember that u should not be worried. If you have got tested then your physician must have told you the reason for your miscarriage. If there is no significant thing appearing in the tests then relax. As you learn to overcome your depression you will find out that life will bring miraculous changes. There are no problems in getting pregnant after the miscarriage. I have seen several women getting pregnant soon after their MC. You are young and energetic. I hope that you have a long way to go in your life.

  9. serra8 months ago

    Hey. I hope you are doing good. I don't agree with you completely. Everything happens for some good. We cannot call it a curse. It is not a fault of the woman. I know it is so hard for them. I have faced infertility for 10 years. It is a long span of time. Well, I wanted to have a baby. But no luck. later I decided to go for surrogacy. I went to a clinic in Europe. The clinic provided me with a healthy surrogate. I have a baby now. I am so happy I chose it.

  10. milana38 months ago

    Hi. It is not easy for a woman. Infertility is hard to overcome. it is especially hard for a woman. Because no one can question a man. My friend has faced infertility for 7 years. She wanted to be a mother but she was not that much lucky. She also went for IVF and IUI. She went for it twice. Later she was successful. but miscarried. Her husband became infertile too. So they decided to go for surrogacy. They are blessed with a baby. They have no more worries now. I am so happy for them.

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