Need help with my family issue

I’m a homemaker living with my husband and two kids. My husband is very doubtful about me. He always keeps checking on my phone call logs. I’m fed up of this and I can’t tolerate this anymore. I really wanted to get divorced but on thinking about our kids I just back off from my decision. I want to change his behavior. Is there anyone here who too faced a similar kind of situation?

I discussed my situation with my mother and she recommended me to visit this Therapist in Toronto who is specialized in couples therapy ( ). Has anyone heard about them? Please share your suggestions.

  1. RSaints814 months ago

    I faced a similar situation but reversed. I talked to our Pastor and he helped us. First question was why did I feel the way I felt. What actions and situations were setting the alarms in my mind and heart to doubt. When we addressed these items then we began to deal with the issues together. Hope this helps.

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