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I am a stay at home mom. My boyfriend and I are constantly fighting over housework. I was wondering if stay at home moms are responsible for making their significant other lunch and coffee for work. I don't feel like I am responsible because I don't drink coffee and I'm not eating the lunch. I tell him he's not a kindergartner and can make his own food. He always makes me feel bad when I refuse to make him his food. He talks down on me like he's better than me because he works and I don't. Thank you in advance for all opinions.

  1. Susan Scott 8 months ago

    Sounds like your boyfriend has no idea how difficult it is to be a stay at home parent.
    My advice is to have a conversation with him about your feelings when you’re both in a good place emotionally. Hope that helps!

  2. camillenanjala8 months ago

    A man's responsibility to his family STARTS with making money in his job, it's not the end-all and be-all of what he need to contribute. I hesitated to reply to this because I can have a bit of an attitude at times and if my DH had said those things to me and I truly was too tired to get it all done I'd just stop doing his laundry and we'd have spaghetti or salad every night because it's easy to make. He truly doesn't get it and if he's not going to change and hear you out then you need to make changes in what you do all day, to get the most important stuff done and at this point, if it was in my house, DH's stuff would be way, way down the list of priorities. If it's not a problem and it's that easy to do then let him do it himself, it should be no big deal. Yes, I have done this in my house and DH went without clean work clothes for a week before he got the point that I was dead serious. You don't belittle his job or how hard he works, and he needs to respect your job. There is a household that you both are responsible for and if he expects you to do everything house-related then you are being treated as nothing more than the live-in maid.

  3. Ada8 months ago

    Mechelle Bonsell hello dear! what’s happened? I have read your post. Sorry to hear this. I think its very hard to become a house wife. Dear, I will recommend you to start a business or do any other professional work. If your partner never allowed you then you should prove yourself a good wife. If he never wants to see you in the market then you should do his work with love. You know that from cooking you can win the heart of your partner. You should make a heartiest meal for him. It's a better way to win his heart. Then you will see after a few days he will love you so much. Don’t refuse him to make a meal for him. You should realize him that you do work. You should do all of her work through your own hands. Nice to meet you, dear. mention not.

  4. diana_mom8 months ago

    I have just come across your post. I felt sorry for you dear. I would like to suggest you start some small business. You have to prove yourself in such circumstances. You'd be self-dependant. If you are good at cooking, then you can start some fast food network. You can also convince your DH by making some good meal for him. It's far better way to win him. He'll definitely understand you. Try not to oppose him in such situations. He'd realize that how hard you are struggling. One day, all your desires will be fulfilled. Wishing you all the best!

  5. eilsie8 months ago

    I just crossed through your post. I am sorry for this situation. Don't oppose him. It will affect him emotionally. Just make him realize. Make yourself independent from him. He will definitely realise his behaviour was rude. Start a job. Else you can start your own small business. Prove yourself. Try to realise him that it is difficult to stay at parents home. He will realise it soon I am sure. Don't worry it happens. Best of luck.

  6. ellina8 months ago

    I can completely understand your situation. In this generation, boyfriend always thinks that female should also work with them. That's the reason for their fights. He wants you to work with you also. If you don't want to do it. Then you should make some food for him. It's not a bad thing to do. It will decrease the chances of your fights. So my friend if you want a successful life. On some end, you have to compromise. If you want your relationship to be successful. When you guys are sharing a space. Then on some point, you can help him in his household work also. It will be best for you. I wish you a very good luck.

  7. ellina8 months ago

    You are lucky to have such an amazing husband. He is so supportive. He not only support but also find the place for your surrogacy. Surrogacy is the blessing for many couples. I am happy that you have gone through such options. There is a good clinic in Europe. My cousin had her surrogacy treatment from theirs. They were the best at dealing with surrogacy. She has her daughter now. Her family is complete. She is so happy. She is now on good terms with the surrogate mother. Remember difficulties in your journey makes your destination beautiful. I wish you may get your happiness soon. Till then best of luck.

  8. Scarlet Jimmy8 months ago

    Hey Dear! Hope so you are doing well. I just read your post. I think you should also take care of him. As you are in relation with him and he also earns for you. Then I think you should do some regard for him. Without this, no one is here to accept you even any female. So try to be responsible. I'm not taking his side. I can understand that a clap always happens with two hands. Both of you need to change their attitude

  9. BelizeMomma8 months ago

    Your his woman not his mother. Now if you was his wife his please your husband but your not that a privilege not a right.

  10. callisy7 months ago

    Your husband needs a good whack with a clue by four. The stay-at-home moms I know consider caring for their children and their home to be their job in the same sense that their husbands' programming computers or defending lawsuits or whatever is his job -- and both of them have regular working hours and regular off duty hours. In most cases, when the husband *is* home (evenings, weekends), he is the one primarily responsible for the child(ren) while the wife may take care of other chores like cooking dinner, and every weekend, either the family does something fun together, or the father takes care of the child while mom has some ''me time'', or both. Your husband should not be ''helping'' you. He should be doing HIS share of caring for HIS child and HIS house, just as he would have to if you were working outside the home. How to accomplish that given that he doesn't seem willing to pull his weight is a different question, which you may want to ask for help with. But do not feel at all shy about insisting that he do his fair share. A few hours a week of ''babysitting'' (who ''babysits'' their own child?) is not his fair share no matter whether you work or how much either of you earns.

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