Non verbal 3 1/2 year old son. When will he talk? :(

Feeling so down and defeated some days. My son is my world and I get so scared that I will never hear his voice. He is still non verbal and he communicates by grabbing our hand and pointing or sometimes he uses his computer. We have a special app for him. He is very bright. Great eye contact. Loving and affectionate. So I'm so happy about that. He does stim a lot with his toy Thomas but that doesn't bother me anymore since I know it brings him joy. My question to you moms that have been in this position before. And maybe have a similar situation. When did your child start using words to communicate with you? I will never lose hope on him. In my heart I know he can. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.

  1. NewMOM151 year ago

    Speech therapist are great,

  2. K_Cush731 year ago

    My son is 4 and was behind with his speech. I voiced my concerns to his pediatrician who recommended some really good programs in my city. She told me exactly where to start and who to call and what we would do if option A didn't pan out. I called and made an appointment. He went through some testing for hearing, vision, and cognitive delays (which to him was play time) and within 60 days he was in a preschool program at the same elementary school as my daughter. He has been in the program now for 7 months and has really come out of his shell. He will do one more year in the program and his speech therapist and teacher think he will be caught up enough to start kindergarten on time.
    Start by talking to his doctor, but whatever you do, now is the time to do it. He's still a little guy and can catch up quickly right now.

  3. Rachele.S11 months ago

    I feel your pain. My son will be 3 this September and also doesn't talk. He was officially diagnosed with autism in January of this year. We will occasionally hear a word from him, but it's always so random and on his terms. Nothing has ever been consistent. It breaks my heart when he gets so frustrated because he can't express his needs. He started school in February, and that was when the random words started. He gets a lot of speech therapy there. Look at all your local community has to offer as far as help goes. That's where I started, and I think it's made all the difference. Keep your head up mama. We're in the same boat together. One day our boys will be chatting our ears off. We can never stop believing that. ❤️

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