Parents need friends too

So my husband and I have been married for 4 years and we have two amazing kids. We are living at my parents, we struggle paying the bills, childcare, it’s just a lot some days. Everything is about our kids and we never spend time together let alone make friends. Nobody we knew really grew “up” with us, if that makes sense. All single, or getting married now, just lonely I guess. Any advice on how to make real friends with another couple?

  1. Kayleenash201810 months ago

    Have you tried a mommy and me class or took chikdren to story time at library thats some where u can meey people. I have been with my bf now for 8.5 years and we have had 2 weekends in that time with no kids.. it gets stressful but maybe u anf hubby can find a game ot movie u like for when kids are in bed

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