Professionals could help get the lowest rate mortgage?


I'm planning to buy a home. So, I have been in search of the best mortgage for the last two months. When I searched on the internet, I could find the different type of mortgages like fixed-rate, variable-rate and hybrid. All mortgages are having some advantages and at the same time some disadvantages too. So, I'm confused about choosing one!

My credit history is something fair and I have a good monthly income. As this is my first mortgage, I don't have any other liabilities. So, I'm confident about the eligibility criteria and pre-approval. But, still confused about the scheme to choose. My plan was to approach a lender directly for a mortgage.

But, one of the professionals have mentioned, they could help us provide the lowest rate mortgage in Alberta( ). What's your opinion on consulting such a professional to get a mortgage? Do they really help us get the best?

  1. jocock9 months ago

    I would say yes, because they might have the access to favorable rates in many institutions due to longterm cooperation. Anyway, you need to be careful and check if they doesn't try to force you to take mortgage only because they have some individual deal with a bank. As you mentioned, you've already made some research and are aware of market offerings, so you'll know if they try to push you the bad one.

    I wish you good luck!

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