Single mom - lonely father left me while I was pregnant

Hey just looking for some friends and support, my daughters dad left me when I was pregnant and now he's trying to get custody from me. I'm pretty sad and depressed about it all...just need some mom's who understand....

  1. tara2342 months ago

    Hey Melissa,

    I'm really sorry you're having such a tough time at the moment. You can add me and feel free to reach out when you like. Just try to focus on yourself , your health and your baby!

  2. momnikki2 months ago

    I absolutely agree with the comment above. Do not ever get upset because of men who are not worth your time and efforts. You are a strong woman! You have to keep it strong and act strong. 4 Your daughter does not need a sad weak lonely mother. She needs a fighter in order to become one and look up to you. Never give up on yourself. You still have million chances to find a real man and a real loving daddy for your baby. Look at yourself - you are beautiful and strong and you need to keep it going.

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