I'm 24 years old. confused what too select. either go for surrogacy or IVF. please give me your precious suggestions.that will be helpful for me. I'm waiting for your kind advice. please, all of your help me.I'm so much tensed about it.

  1. Ashley Avril8 months ago

    Hey Rania! I am glad that you have chosen to select the social forum to discuss what is good for you at the moment. Well I think I do not know your case and earlier pregnancies issues so I cannot exactly guide you as to what you should opt for as of now. However, I can recommend you a clinic that can professionally deal with all your problems and can also guide you with what is the best solution for you dear!
    This clinic is in Europe. It is a reputable clinic and the doctors over there can guide you whether IVF of surrogacy is a better option for you.
    Good luck and keep trying!

  2. Boone8 months ago

    IVF is a really great method. We should always take good care of yourself. You should go for IVF. It's very good treatment. You planned to do it. Now you have to suffer some tests. After that, they'll tell you whether it's helpful for you or not. Then you'll start your treatment. I wish you get your success soon. It'll be helpful for you.

  3. kelliM8 months ago

    I suggest IVF.

  4. honey_bee8 months ago

    Most surrogacy organizations principally utilize gestational surrogates, ladies who convey an infant they have no hereditary association with, rather than the customary surrogates who utilize their own particular egg and the sperm of the planned dad to make the incipient organism. In gestational surrogacy, if the proposed mother can't create an egg that is feasible then a contributor egg can be utilized. Thusly, the expected guardians can pick an egg from a contributor who resembles the mother and afterward utilize a surrogate that the surrogacy organization matches them with as opposed to hunting down a surrogate that resembles the mother. The surrogate experiences IVF to end up pregnant and after that conveys the child to term for the expected guardians. During childbirth, the planned guardians are typically recorded on the birth endorsement as the guardians. The surrogacy organization, for the most part, masterminds everything ahead of time so there are no issues directly after the birth.
    Just the lady and her specialist can choose what course of fruitlessness treatment is ideal for her. Numerous ladies will attempt IVF, regardless of whether the chances aren't to support them, before proceeding onward to surrogacy since it's quicker and they can practice more control over the procedure.

  5. Lina Williams8 months ago

    MCs can be very painful. It affects your mental and physical strength. You should remain strong in your beliefs. This time will pass too. You should not lose hope. There are certain ways through which you can have your own children. Surrogacy is one of the things that can help you solve all your problems. This will change your life for the better. It has changed the life of many people in our society. This will be very much good for you. You will be able to have your own child. I wish you all the best in your decision.

  6. Leslie Hanson8 months ago

    Could you tell us more about your background? I think IVF is not that effective. However, I could be wrong. It really depends on your situation. I think you should definitely consult a professional about that. Surrogacy, on the other hand, is a definite shot. You'll be bringing home a baby right after. I would say go for that. Especially if you don't mind not carrying the baby yourself. Maybe that isn't a choice for you anyway. I'm sorry you're going through this tough time. But you'll get through it. Okay? Don't feel down. Keep posting here about your updates. Love!

  7. niya8 months ago

    Hi Rania! I really hope that you're doing great. I am glad that you came to discuss your situation. According to me, IVF would be the best for you. I am not an expert obviously you have to go to the visit the doctor. And better do what he suggest. But I am also having a child through IVF . It may get little scary but at the everything turns out absolutely fine. IVF is a really great method. But we should always take good care of ourselves. Visit a proper clinic. They suggest whether to go for it or not. Other then that surrogacy is always there you can opt for that. I wish you get your success soon. It'll be helpful for you. Good luck and keep trying!

  8. LonieKot8 months ago

    I had hysterectomy cancer. All of you should know its treatment and its result.As a result i was cancer free but for the lifetime i'm infertile now.So i was worried and tensed and than my husband came to know about surrogacy.Surrogacy is a method of raising a baby from someone's else egg. I was amazed at this method but when i studied about it i was happy.Here in Japan it is totally prohibited.So we moved to Europe and roamed in Europe for sometime and contacted many clinics there, Than we heard about a clinic and we moved to Ukraine. It is a very good clinic and we consulted them.
    They are the best they have best solution for us now.
    Then we found a surrogate mom and we donated the eggs and now surrogate is carrying our twin daughters. Now when i sit alone i thank god that he is giving us two gifts in one time. We are so happy and excited to have our babies.
    Please share your stories with me.

  9. TheOptimistic8 months ago

    Hello dear intended mom, hope you are doing great. May destiny be at your side forever. You are facing infertility at a very young age. It is really heart breaking.Right now you are looking for a solution that can be really helpful. This has put you into confusion. You have both the choices that is surrogacy and the IVF. I can just give my non professional thought here. As you are young and energetic I think you should go for IVF. The suggestion making would become better if the problem is evident. You have not mentioned the cause of the infertility. If it is mrely concerning the early fertilization and there is no problem with your eggs then you can try IVF. Even if the eggs are not ok but the womb is fine you can sek hlp of th egg donor. If both the situations are not possible then you can take a step towards surrogacy. This is just a non professional thing. It would be great if you consult a proper doctor.

  10. lidya28 months ago

    Hey, I think you should seek professional help. What we are gonna suggest you is based on our experience. But your doctor will suggest you something on your body condition. In case of IVF, the financial constraint is the biggest issue for us. All these fertility treatments cost so much. IVF success is so unpredictable. But surrogacy is a sure method.

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