surrogacy this year

Hi all! How many here are going for surrogacy this year? Do comment below so we can compare. Also, I’d love to hear about your clinic selection. Anyone going to Ukraine? My husband and I have chosen a clinic there in Kiev. We leave in May this year. Feeling very excited about it

  1. Stacyhull1 year ago

    You should go for surrogacy because it's the best possible way you can make a baby while you are facing infertility issues and your family is not supporting and making your life tough. I think they should be supportive. You will need family support while having surrogacy process, It needs time as well as prayers. Thanks

  2. MaryHover1 year ago

    Well, that clinic in Ukraine. I also heard of it allot. That is a really great clinic to go. I am not having surrogacy this year. I must tell that this clinic is really great. Best of luck dear. I hope you guys get success from this method.

  3. KathleenChang1 year ago

    Wonderful! Congratulations to you and your husband. I am so happy for you! This must be so exciting for you! My husband and I have finally given it our final thoughts as well. We both have agreed! Which honestly makes me so happy. However, we haven't decided the clinic yet

  4. Jasmine221 year ago

    Congratulations you finally decided to have a surrogacy process. And i am still confused either to choose this clinic or not. I heard good things about this clinic. But it doesn't matter still i can face some problems. This is very important decision in my life so i have to choose this wisely. I am looking forward of your results. I wish you have a successful pregnancy at your clinic. Just make sure about them again and try to gather much information regarding them. Its good you decided early. I am looking forward for your results. Keep me up to date, about your progress. Thanks.

  5. melissastan1 year ago

    Hey. Good luck with your surrogacy. I'm not going for it this year. But I was their client last year. I had my son through surrogacy. He is nine months old now. I chose the same clinic. They're really great.

  6. Leslie Hanson1 year ago

    Hi dear! I hope you and husband are well. Great to hear about your plans. I remember my first surrogacy experience like it was just yesterday. It was hell for me when I knew I couldn' t conceive. My uterus was gone due to cancerous polyps, I was left dull and depressed. Surrogacy changed my life. I can't thank surrogates as a whole enough. It is amazing what they do for people. They provide us with the gift of life. I am also thinking of going through the process again. I think I'm ready for another child. Also, my clinic was amazing. Great services! Do keep us updated on your journey. Much love!

  7. DiannaViktor1 year ago

    Hi Simona! How are you holding up dear? Well, yes! I really like your plan...Wish you all the best! My cousin sister also became a parent through a fertility clinic in Ukraine. She had her whole procedure last year. Well, I'm also heading there in upcoming June...But, I'm not having it surrogacy there. I'm opting for an IVF as I can still conceive by myself if assisted by a procedure. So, yeah! Wish me all the best! It's my first try! Wish me all the best! Anyway! Stay blessed and shining.....xoxo

  8. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Hey, there I hope you're doing fine. My DH and I have been going to the same clinic. It was a long journey to get to the point of finally opting for surrogacy. I had to go through a lot of heartbreaks and things I had never imagine would happen to me. When we came across through this clinic after suggestions from forums friends and our own research. We were pleased by the reviews that everyone was sharing. As it was a known factor that they were operating legally. The process was legal in the country. Also, they were respecting the rights of children by providing the documents for the baby. Anyways, we watched videos uploaded by the clinic. Through which we learned that from the egg donor to the surrogate everything was done perfectly. I remember when I landed in the city I was soo nervous as I had never been to this city let alone the country. It was an amazing experience. There were soo many foreigners at the clinic who were willing to their share their success story. Once we met the doctors I was really satisfied that things from now onwards will be perfectly fine.

  9. Natty11 year ago

    Oh, great! Which clinic are you going to? I am so happy for you. I had surrogacy some years ago. I'm really glad that we got it done at the right time. I have a 2yo baby now. She means so much to me. I wish you return with such happiness too!

  10. rebecca121 year ago

    Hey there Simona! I hope you're doing great. You seem pretty excited though. It literally feels so good seeing women like you moving forward in life. Infertility is very heart-wrenching. It destroys you. Thanks to these modern inventions that had really made our lives easier. I had my surrogacy process last year in October from Biotexcom, Kiev. I hope you've chosen the same clinic as mine. They are very reasonable in prices. Like it didn't cost me an arm and a leg to start the process. I am very happy and satisfied. They chose the perfect surrogate for us. She's turning 7 months pregnant in a week. I'm super excited for my baby. Well, I hope you have an amazing process done too and you become a mother soon. Best wishes for you.

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