Tooth filling...

Last day my son had a dental checkup, realized he has two cavities and one is a little deep. It was indeed embarrassing! When your kid has oral health issues definitely moms will be responsible.
The doc advised him to have a filling immediately, even though the cavity is a bit deep! (so filling is not a promise to keep that tooth healthy anymore, if it fails he might need to go for a root canal!).
I had online research to find a specialist children's dentist and accidentally came to know about the composite tooth colored fillings for kids These kinds of fillings are made of durable plastics and are similar to the color of natural teeth! It is absolutely suitable for kids like my son who hates dental works because these kinds of fillings can be performed in a single sitting and thereby prevent further decay.
I tried to find reputed clinics for the composite tooth-colored fillings and found a few, yet I'm confused to choose one!
So please help me to find a good clinic in Toronto, especially those clinics, where you had excellent service.
Many thanks.

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