Want to heal tooth decay naturally...

Hey, My mom had a detailed dental check-up today as she is going to get veneers on two of her front teeth, tomorrow. She got approved for the veneer treatment, yet the doc isn't that satisfied with her oral hygiene! A few of her wisdom teeth started to decay, it is in the first stage now! So instead of getting medicated the doc recommended her to brush and floss twice (or after every meal, if possible)! We have been to nearby cosmetic dentistry , in between we live in Milton. He also said drinking milk can cure tooth decay on its own. So after I came back from the clinic, I googled to find foods that can help to heal tooth decay naturally and found a lot.
As we all know we can't just blindly trust these online data, most of them are written based on assumptions rather than proof! So I would like to know from you people who have healed tooth decay naturally by consuming good food! Any insight friends? Could you please guide me on this?
Many thanks!

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