Bad Experience.

I was from Japan. I had hysterectomy cancer. Due to which i was infertile. So i decided i will go for surrogacy. But our first experience was very bad with that clinic. Soon we will start looking for some other good clinic. I came to know about a clinic A***s clinic. I contacted the clinic. But the clinic didn't responded.
I mailed them again and again. But the clinic didn't responded for a single time.
So be aware of such clinics. These clinics are just here to make money.
They won't help someone. Instead of such time wasters look for some clinics. Always research about good clinics.
Then contact a good clinic. Otherwise you will just waaste your time.

  1. RhondaJet7 months ago

    Hey there Dear. How are you doing? I hope its all good. I am really sorry to hear from you. I know it must have been hard. I know the pain. It's not easy to deal with. Things like these are really serious. People like them are playing with our emotions. I hope no one falls for them again. I wish you all good luck. I wish you good luck too. Just be strong. I am sure. You will get what you want. Be positive and take care of your selves.

  2. jenny5887 months ago

    That is so sad. I am sorry to hear about your experience. It must have given you such a big grief. I can totally understand your situation. Infertility is really hard to deal with. I can feel your pain. My sister has gone through the same thing. She also chose the Adonis clinic for her treatment. But she was very disappointed with them. They did not reply to her. They are so unprofessional in their dealing. I wish she did not choose that clinic. But later on, she recovered from all this. We all found a good clinic for her. Then she had her baby after some time. I would suggest you find a good clinic for yourself too.

  3. adele1237 months ago

    This is so terrible. I can understand your situation. This is why we always say that one should be careful in such treatments. These matters are very sensitive. We should not be reluctant while deciding such things. There is spam nowadays too. A friend of mine contacted Lotus clinic. And she had to regret later. The clinic is not up to the mark. They only waste people's time. And that's exactly what happened to you. I can understand what you must be feeling. But it is of no use to be sad now. Cheer up and stay strong. Be careful this time. Find a good clinic for yourself. I am sure things will be fine very soon. Good luck to you.

  4. alana557 months ago

    This is such a sad thing. And it's a very difficult situation. I can understand you. I've had a similar situation to yous. Because I chose the wrong clinic too. I had a very bad experience with Lotus clinic. I regret contacting them. Such clinics always irritated people. Some of them are total frauds. They do not intend to help their clients. They only waste their time. They please them at first. And then they stop replying to them. They torture their clients like this. You were a victim of a similar clinic. I feel bad for you too. But you should stay strong. Everything will be okay. Just be careful in the future. Make your decision wisely. Wishing you best of luck with it.

  5. Julie887 months ago

    I feel so sorry about your experience. It is indeed a really bad one. It must have caused further agony to you. I can understand. The clinic is shattering the hopes of so many patients. It has caused them real trouble. My friend had contacted this clinic with a hope that all her problem will be solved. But, it had doubled it. She flew all the way from Japan to Ukraine only to know that the clinic couldn't find a perfect surrogate match for her. You can imagine the pain she would be in after knowing this. It was a total waste of money and time. Also, energy. Make sure you guys don't get trapped by them. Try looking for reliable clinics. Good luck to all!

  6. TinaK7 months ago

    Sorry to hear about your Infertility. I am feeling pain for your loss as well. It seems Your experience is also very annoying with this clinic you mentioned in your comment. I am also an infertile woman and my experience was also the same as yours. They are just wasting time and money from people. They are heartless teams of useless people. They wasted me 6 months and without any result, they stop responding to my queries and my treatment. They are not professional they act to be professional for the first time and then slowly shows their real face. I would suggest everyone not to trust them they are just useless.

  7. Sofia19947 months ago

    I am 43 and i was thinking of going to surrogacy to have a baby.
    I know that at this age and keeping in mind all the aspects regarding mt previous pregnancy complications getting pregnant again will be not a good idea.
    So I have convinced my husband for having a baby via surrogacy.
    For that purpose, we have consulted a number of clinics and have positive reviews about surrogacy.
    Now as i and my husband is ready for surrogacy option.
    Tired of all the complications i had gone through during pregnancy i gave up upon the hope of having a baby. We were looking for a good clinic to support us and guide us through the whole process. We contacted L***s clinic for our surrogacy consultancy. But the clinic is not good to be contacted. The clinic didn't even pay attention to our case. We mailed the clinic 3 times but the clinic didn't reply. Be aware of the clinic and don't waste your time on this clinic.
    Please share your experience if you have any regarding surrogacy.
    Thanks in advance.

  8. ruby1237 months ago

    Hello Lonie! I'm sorry about your loss. I can feel your pain. I agree with you facing the many tough time. Last time my friend visited the lotus clinic. She has a very bad experience. The clinical condition is very dirty. They did not give proper treatment. They treated patients rudely. She changes the clinic. Now she is enjoying the motherhood life. I suggested you visit the clinic . Hope they gave have a good idea. Who is the best option for your health? Hope you visit the clinic for better treatment. Best wishes to you. Hope you will be soon a mother. Keep smiling.

  9. Laura017 months ago

    Hey! I hope you are doing well. I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience. I know it's not easy to go through all this. But you have to be strong, dear. Things get fine with the passage of time. So there is no need to worry. You just keep on searching good clinics for yourself. I hope you will find the best one soon. There is also a clinic named Lotus in Ukraine which is very pathetic, like the one you mentioned above. That clinic is not reliable at all. That's just a fraud. All my friends who had their treatment at that clinic were very disappointed. That clinic provides poor services to their patients. So I would suggest everyone not to choose that clinic for their treatments. Wish you all good luck.

  10. Nida John7 months ago

    Hi, Loniekot I am sorry to know about your bad experience with Adonis Clinic. My cousin also faced a similar situation like you. She emailed them but they didn't bother to answer her. This is how they are running their clinic. Such a shame. I also heard that they ask their clients for some hidden charges too. These types of clinics are ruining the reputation of good clinics too. Well, ladies be careful while choosing a clinic. These kinda clinics are only good in their websites, ground reality is totally different. They are just there for looting people. A strict action should be taken against them. Am happy that women share their experiences here and expose them. These posts will help those ladies who are looking for the suggestions about clinics.

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