Feel sad of children

It's all most 5 years since I started to work as Child Counselor. I have heard a lot of stories of kids, having difficulties in different areas like mental health, abuse and so many more. Recently I have been with this girl who is around 14 years of age. Who was subjected to child abuse? So after a couple of sitting with her, she is not ready to share or tell something so my fellow colleagues suggested me to engage her with play therapy. After a couple of sitting she slowly started to share the experience she had. So she told me her stepfather who was an alcoholic was so abusive. Her mother used to get a relentless beating from him. One day he asks her to perform a sex act on him. She said she still remembers what she was wearing what all he made her do. I was pretty shocked and broken with her story. I was so glad the [url=]Psychoeducational Assessment [/url] work on her. I was wondering why don't more people practise it? How among kids its success rates are?

  1. MirandaD3 months ago

    This really made me upset. This can have an adverse effect on the family. I hope action is taken. This is so upsetting to me. I hope the mother is doing fine. Such fathers are honestly acceptable. Prayers for them. I hope they are safe.

  2. LonieKot3 months ago

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  3. PageElvy3 months ago

    Oh my god..
    it is so upsetting.
    How is she right now?? is everything fine with her? I am at a loss of words honestly
    I have been thinking about adoption for a while. but we decided to go for surrogacy. and it was not the choice that we were 100 per cent for. but adoption seems quite impossible for us. we are too old and do not earn enough to be eligible for the program.
    and I have been thinking about adopting a child like this girl.. because we want to help kids. we want to provide them with a family they never knew.
    but hey, we are quite lucky with our program. so to each their own i guess

    But we still would be so happy to donate anything we can.
    We were approached by some organizations and asked if we would like to volunteer. and we said yes. now, as our baby is almost in the oven and wcob agency takes care of everything. we can pay attention to other things as well. we are always happy to help

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