Friend in depression

Hey guys. I hope all of you are good today. I'm writing this because I'm really worried. My friend miscarried for the second time in almost two years. She's devastated. She had so many expectations this time around. She had even painted the room for the new baby. Everything was so planned. I feel awful for her. I've been by her side for a very long time. I just don't know how to console her. The doctors told her husband that it wouldn't be a very good idea to tell her to try to conceive again. She has always wanted a baby. Should I suggest her assisted conception methods? Would it be a good idea?

  1. Jenelia Smith9 months ago

    Hi. I hope you do good. I am deeply grieved to know about your friend's story. I know how bad it feels to lose your baby. One cannot really forget one's pain through this time. You need to console her. Support her. Stand by her side. Tell her to stay strong. Consult her doctor once and make her mind to conceive again. This is not really the end. Life has much more for you. You must wait for the right time. I wish happy moments arrive your doorsteps soon. Sending baby dust to your way! Be positive.

  2. LonieKot9 months ago

    Sorry to hear about your friend condition. Ask her not to worry as it happens to most of us. Its the part of life. I am from Japan. I am also infertile.
    We moved to Europe in search of a very good clinic. We didn't found a good clinic in Europe. We moved to Ukraine than. In Ukraine we found a clinic. It has many good reputation. As i am sharing my direct experience with you all. We found a good surrogate. Now she is pregnant with our two daughters. Soon we will have two daughters.

  3. emma2289 months ago

    Hey. So Sad to hear that your friend suffered a miscarriage. But, She shouldn't lose hope. She should go for other Unnatural methods if she is facing Infertility. I had Cervix incompetence. I was left infertile for almost 10 years. But I wouldn't give up. I went for IVF but that was painful procedure so I left. Then one of my Freinds suggested me about Surrogacy. Surrogacy is the painless and the best procedure. By this, you will have your own biological baby. I went to Ukraine for the BioTexCom clinic. It's the Best Clinic. They provided us a Surrogate who got pregnant after some weeks. When I heard about that my Heart blossomed with joy. I am enjoying motherhood now.

  4. BellaJones9 months ago

    Hey there. How are you doing? I hope its all well. I am really sorry to hear about your friend. I have had an MC. I know how it feels. I can totally feel her. Yes, it would be indeed a great idea to tell her. Surrogacy is what she should opt for. I wish her good luck. Take care.

  5. Manon9 months ago

    Hi! Bad to hear about your friend. It is really hurting for any lady. I can feel her pain. It is good to see that you are worried about her. Do not let her down. Ask her to not lose hope. Yes! there are many other ways of having a baby. Her health should be her first priority. Sometime conceiving naturally is not possible. You can find a way through surrogacy. Surrogacy is the best option in these types of cases. It is the safest way of getting a baby. She can go for it. Take care of her.

  6. Sofia19949 months ago

    I also miscarried for 3 times.
    Don't worry dear.
    There is a solution to every problem today.
    If you are unable to have a baby from your own womb then why not you go for surrogacy.
    Surrogacy is the most common method of having a baby with your own DNA.
    Don't lose any hope dear i'm also 43 years old and i have also no luck with kids.
    I had many complications regarding pregnancy.I conceived for 3 times but resulted in miscarriages every time.So i also gave up on getting pregnant again and again.I researched over the web for different methods of having babies and i came across surrogacy.Surrogacy is a good solution for mothers like us who can't have a baby of their own.While researching about surrogacy i came across a clinic many times.There are very positive reviews about it over the internet.
    So i contacted the clinic and told them my complications they answered my all questions.They cleared my misunderstanding about the surrogacy.
    So now i am ready to go for the surrogacy method.
    I have persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy.He is ready if we can have a baby via surrogacy of our own DNA's.
    The clinic will find a good surrogate for our baby.
    If someone has any review and suggestion for us please let us know.So that we can learn from you.

  7. karsynne9 months ago

    Hi there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. I am really sorry for your friend. Hope she is in the best of her health. It is truly devastating the loss of one's child. Whats the actual matter? why did the doctors say that she shouldn't TTC herself? It is very nice of you staying with her in this time of need. You must be a really good, kindhearted friend. I think it is okay to suggest other methods if she can't conceive naturally. It is really a big step for the couple so I think they both should really talk about how they would like to proceed with it. Couple chemistry really needs to be high for such a step in their life. Wish nothing but the best for them in the future. Take care.

  8. Robin James9 months ago

    Hey! My god. You guys are so supportive. I loved the comments. The feedback was simply amazing. I showed this post to her. She started crying. Thank you so much, ladies. You're all so nice! She's still undecided on what she wants to do. I'm convincing her to go for surrogacy. She wants to consider IVF. However, I know her and I'm pretty certain she won't be able to take another loss, just in case. I'll update you guys once she takes the decision. Lots of love to all of you!

  9. TheOptimistic9 months ago

    Dear concerned friend, it's sorry to learn about your friend going through so much. It is really painful. There is nothing like the feeling of Parenthood. Losing a child twice in consecutive years is both physically and mentally a menace. I hope she has gone through all kinds of medical tests for her diagnosis. If it is confirmed that due to some deficiencies she can't become a mom then she should think of some alternative. Assisted reproduction techniques like IUI, IVF and surrogacy are doing great. After consulting her doctor she can decide for the right choice. Instead of wasting further time it is better to think of these options. If she has any apprehensions she can search for the success stories related to the best option. There is no doubt something great waiting for her. She needs to think positive.Taking good care of health is immensely important. She needs to stay mentally and physically strong in order to fight her deprivation. These scientific alternatives can do miracles for your friend too. May she enjoy the best in her life.

  10. Julie0499 months ago

    Hey! I hope you will be fine.
    After reading your post I become very sad for her. It is the most difficult thing for a woman to bear. It is an unforgettable memory for the woman. It made me so emotional as I have also passed through this situation.
    I think she should try again no matter if she did fail twice. It is part of life. She should learn from her failure instead of losing hope. Just stay positive and hopeful. Everything will be fine.
    My sympathies
    Take care

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