I am infertile. Doctors can't even tell the reason behind my infertility. I was worried. But my husband supported me. He said we can go for some other procedure to have a baby. I started looking for other methods like IVF and IUI. But both didn't worked for me. So at the end we end up in choosing surrogacy. But my husband is supporting me at every stage. After many years of TTC. We hadn't any luck. So we went for checkups but there was no issue between us. We were worried. Further we went for more tests but same negative results. Surrogacy is successful for many people. I hope it will be for me too. We have contacted a clinic too and soon we will start our journey there. Good luck everyone.

  1. emmajoe7 months ago

    Hi there, i hope that you are doing well. Well don't worry this is all ii the hands of God. You are also lucky that your husband is also supporting you in this all scenario best wishes for your surrogacy i remind my past due to your past that I was infertile at the age of 30 due to many time use of abortion in my life. That's why I become mad in my life then i went for surrogacy and now i am living the happy life with my family. My baby was to due to good choice of clinic of the Ukraine. So, I'll suggest you to not waste your time and money in some average clinic, visit Ukraine best clinic of the world Bio-Tex-Com with best services. Love for you and best wishes :)

  2. daisy1237 months ago

    hi. how are you? I am sorry to hear. It is really hard to accept all this. deal this problem with hope. infertility is a curse now. it creates much hopelessness in the family. But its treatment could be possible by IUI, IVF, and surrogacy. I will advise you to go for surrogacy. you would be sad to know to hear this that I was also infertile for the last two years. but I choose surrogacy as an option. now I am blessed with a child.IVF also good. But it is better to go for surrogacy. Manage an affordable clinic that suits you. Hope you find the clinic that suits your needs. But surrogacy is the best I have ever seen. hope for good. Best wishes. I really pray for the best in your life.

  3. rebecca127 months ago

    Hey there! I hope that you're positive before starting this amazing journey. I'm very sorry to read about your infertility. Unexplained infertility is literally the worst of all. When you don't even know the reason for your infertility, how will you be able to treat it? Infertility is a curse and it is terrible to deal with. I've been through this situation so I know how it feels. When everything is failing, you feel very embarrassed with yourself. I'm glad that you're going for surrogacy now. It is the best option for you and you won't regret your decision. It has been helping people throughout the world in having biological children. Your dream of becoming a mother will definitely come true, dear. Have patience, your patience will surely pay off good. All the very best! Lots of love and prayers for you!

  4. LauraPatton7 months ago

    Hey, I hope you are doing okay. I am really sorry to hear about your infertility. I don't know what to say. The doctors cant tell you the reason. There must be some reason. Nevertheless, if the reason is incurable then whats the point. I am glad your husband is supportive. I think you don't have to worry about it. Surrogacy has given countless infertile couples with babies. It has a great success rate. I hope you get to be one of them and finally start your journey. Good Luck!

  5. Ada7 months ago

    hey Petja!!! That’s so sad. I can feel your pain. I know when a woman is declared as an infertile lady she becomes so devastated. Kids are blessings. A woman is incomplete without kids. I am so glad to know about your support. I think every husband should act like that. I am against those who leave their wives in miserable condition. I laughed at their psych when they say that this is their self-created problem. So they should solve this issue. No mean what is their issue. They just married you. is this a fault? Don’t hurt your wives by flowing into your ego. They depend on you.

  6. Ada7 months ago

    hello rebecca12! I am so sorry that you have to go through this. now a day’s infertility has become a very common issue. I see many husbands left their wives in this crisis alone. Nut you are very lucky that your partner is very supportive. yes, you proved yourself strong by choosing a right decision. So, wish you best of luck for your journey. I hope that you will be succeeded soon. Good luck.

  7. Emma1247 months ago

    Hi there. how are you? hope you are doing well. Sorry to hear about your infertility. Infertility is really painful.It must be hard for you. I am glad you are thinking about surrogacy. surrogacy is a blessing indeed. You are very lucky. Dear don't go for low clinics for surrogacy. I had a very bad experience regarding Adonis clinic. I am also an infertile. Luckily my husband supported me and we thought about surrogacy. We heard about Adonis clinic from a friend of mine. So we decided to try our luck. But we were surprised when they didn't reply us back after sending several emails. We also tried to contact them via phone but they didn't pick up the call. Son't contact them if you want to save your time. Good luck

  8. katti7 months ago

    Hi Petja, surely buddy hope for the best. I have also read a lot of success stories of surrogacy. It is indeed a miraculous treatment. I am considering it myself. The clinic I selected was Adonis in Ukraine. But it feels like I will have to switch it now. They are very slow and bad at communicating. I hope to find a better clinic soon. Fingers crossed!

  9. Ashley Avril7 months ago

    Hey there! How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. Well, I must be thankful to you posting here and creating awareness. I have been here trying to conceive for the last 7 years. Moreover, I have had a hard luck with the trials. I got pregnant that needed up into a miscarriage. I was so upset. But I had decided to never give up. Well, the best part is a clinic in Europe. It is superb. I recently came across this new clinic that offers the best services and treatments. It is by the best clinic I have come across with. You should totally give this clinic a shot dear! It is going to be your best experience. I a talking about my experience. Wish you all the very best dear!

  10. honey_bee7 months ago

    hello !! Wow, you have been through some tough stuff. It's amazing what some people have been through in their journey to become patents. My husband and I had been trying for about 6 years. After multiple surgeries for endometriosis, several failed rounds of IUI's, and 1 canceled IVF cycle we were finally able to go get through a full IVF cycle. The day after Thanksgiving we went for pregnancy blood work that's routine after embryo transfer and found out we're expecting our little miracle!!!! get give up dear!!"

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