Hy everyone. How are you all? I want to share my story. I have no one to share. I had a miscarriage this year. I am very upset. I am afraid to plan a baby again. What should I do?

  1. BerthaCarpenter1 year ago

    Hi Tina, may I know your age? Miscarriages can be devastating and can make a woman vulnerable to so many diseases. My little cousin who got married at the age of 21 had her two miscarriages in a span of two years. Well, that’s a lot for such a younger woman to bear such a big loss of blood. Even if you are having a balanced life, there are some events when you just can’t fight with the destiny. She is looking for some other options now as she can’t carry any more weight as well as blood loss. I will not want you to be saddened but be hopeful. If you have the capability, try to conceive for some years but if you cannot wait for any more time, go for surrogacy or IVF. Surrogacy has been becoming quite popular with a list of success stories, many actresses are opting this option. Google the online sites of clinics in Ukraine, these are getting quite a fame in the field of infertility. Convince your partner and give this a shot, you won’t regret it. I am hoping you make the best individual resolution for yourself.

  2. Yaretzi1 year ago

    All things considered, we are fine. I truly additionally trust that you should be fine perusing this. Anyway! You're extremely welcome here. Aww, I'm so sad for your misfortune. I know it should truly have been hard for you. All things considered, you ought not to take it hard on yourself. I figure you ought to run and get counseled with an OBs. I myself have been confronting fruitlessness for so long...I am not endeavoring to spread pessimism or anything to frighten you away! However, I figure you ought to be analyzed that what's the issue that happened this MCs you had. Anyway! Remain favored! I trust it will help you in recognizing what's better for you... :)

  3. LindaEskridge1 year ago

    Hey sweetheart! I hope that you're doing good. I'm literally so sad about your miscarriage. You chose the right place to express your feelings. You can express yourself out here and no one will ask you anything. All that you'll get here is love and support. Why are you afraid to plan a baby again? I know miscarriage is really a tough thing. A person becomes mentally tired after this. But it's totally a natural thing. It's not your fault sweetie. So don't worry. You shouldn't lose hope. Don't you think of having a family? There's always a little risk in everything you do.So go for it. Don't lose hope. There are women who conceive even after more than three miscarriages. So stay calm. You can come here. And write everything that's on your mind. I wish you very best of luck. I hope that stays healthy and you heal faster from this grief. Much love

  4. Leslie Hanson1 year ago

    Hi there! I hope you're well. Recovering from the MC ideally. I know it can be tough. TTC as a whole is very tough. However, you need to keep your hopes up and keep trying till success. What's great about this is that you're able to even conceive. Many people aren't. Myself for example. My lack of uterus makes it impossible for me to conceive. I think you should consider yourself lucky. Focus on this part. Don't worry about me either though. I went with surrogacy and had a great experience. Wishing you the same happiness! :)

  5. Jennifer7481 year ago

    Hi there. I am so sorry to hear that. I know it can be very hard. I've been in your shoes. It feels awful to lose something that was once yours. It feels like someone snatched your soul away. And I know you'll blame yourself for it like I did. But trust me it's not your fault. It's no one's fault. If something is meant to happen it will. I just hope you recover from it ASAP. And it's not like there are no chances of you to conceive again. I've seen people conceive even after 2-3 MCs. So just have some faith in yourself. And keep trying. I have my fingers crossed for you. Take care of yourself. And best of luck.

  6. Boone1 year ago

    Never gets disappointed with your life. This is not you. It's your depression talking. You are not feeling well at this time while saying this. People say such a thing during heavy mental pressure or like that. Life is beautiful. It's our one and only chance to keep it. even that's not in our hands. Who knows when we are dying. So live what you have. If you having issues with your husband try to solve them normally. If that's not possible try to do what makes you happy. In the end, It's your life. It's your decisions. Make decisions in a good mood, not in bad. it almost clears half of the problems.

  7. Jenelia Smith1 year ago

    Hey! How are you? I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Don't worry, please. I know it must have been very hard. I had 3 MCs during the past 4 years. I felt like my world has ended. I wanted to end my life. But my husband supported me. He made me realize that I deserve to be happy. I deserve to live in this world. He helped me in all this. I consider myself very lucky to have him. It's because of him we became parents. He introduced the idea of surrogacy to me. At first, I felt weird. But gradually I realized that this is the best way. I have a baby boy now. I'm so glad that I took a wise decision. But your case is not so worse yet. You can still try to conceive again. Good luck!

  8. BarbaraJames9981 year ago

    Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry to hear about your problem. I know it must be really hard for you. I know it must hurt a lot. I know this because I have been through it. Miscarriages are devastating. You want the world to end. However, accidents don't always repeat themselves. Don't be afraid just be strong. Pe positive and it'll work out. I wish you good luck. take care. Hoping to hear more soon.

  9. serra1 year ago

    Hey! hope you are doing good. I know miscarriages are such loss which is hard to overcome. You cannot fight destiny. Hope you are picking my words. Dont lose hope you have many other chances in life. I had a miscarriage when I was married. I conceived but faced the failure again. I came to know that I am not able to maintain pregnancy. I chose surrogacy for me. It is successful and safe as we are not going to give birth to a baby. This is done by someone else for us. Hope this will help someone.

  10. Sara Taylor1 year ago

    Hi dear. I really feel for you. I can understand your pain. it is your first MC. I think you should go to a doctor. He can tell you the best way. It is important to know that continuous MCs are dangerous. it can create infertility. It is also possible that this MC is not of a dangerous nature. I think you should talk to a good doctor first. You can also get a second opinion in any infertility center. Make sure that the clinic is reliable. Take a very good diet. Do care about your baby. MCs, take a lot of energy. give some time to your body before conceiving. You should be tension free. Tensions can lead to delays in concieveing. I wish you the best in future.

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