Motherless mommy

My mom entered heavens gates 9 months ago....I am so lost without her. Any other ladies out there who have lost their sweet mamas? I live in northern ca and would love to connect with some mommies who have been there. I'm Julie by the way

  1. April Rose4 months ago

    I don't live near you, but I did lose my mom about 15 years ago. There are so many things that I wish I could ask her about, everyday.

  2. Pinkcats3 months ago

    Hi April, sorry to hear about your mom... They say it gets easier, but I just miss her so much!

  3. Megan OConner6 days ago

    I am right there with you ladies. lost my mom back in 09. Its been hard without her got married without her with me and then had my daughter. I feel like some days are easier than others. On the hard days I wish she was here for me to run too and get advice. I just tell myself that she's here just not in the way that I want her to be. She will always be looking out for me until we meet again. In the meantime I just try to do what's best and right by my daughter and think of what she would to in this situation.

    Lots of love,


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