My Opinion on Surrogacy

Surrogacy has been a good thing for me after all.I read about surrogacy alot.I heard people talking about it mostly on the forums or on different social platforms.
I had hysterectomy cancer.I am cancer free but i can't be a mom anymore.I was ver upset and stressed.But my husband was there to support me.He assured me that he will do everything to have us a baby.
So we came to know about surrogacy.Firstly we both searched about surrogacy we understood every aspect of surrogacy.Than we moved to Europe from Japan.Japan has banned surrogacy totally so we moved.We stayed in Europe for 4 months and consulted some clinics too.
but due to several reasons my husband was not very satisfied.Then we moved to Ukraine.We heard from many people about many clincis in Ukraine.Ukraine is very popular as per surrogacy.In Ukraine we contacted a clinic and than the clinic started our journey of surrogacy.
Now the surrogate mother is pregnant with our twin daughters.We are very excited to have our own babies now.

  1. DiannaViktor9 months ago

    Well, that's great to share your opinion here. I'm glad it will help many. I agree with you the aspects. Surrogacy is really an amazing process. Many people get benefited from it yearly. My cousin sister also had her procedure last year. She has a lovely and healthy daughter through it. :)

  2. Petja9 months ago

    My treatment for infertility is surrogacy.
    I am from Bulgaria.Surrogacy is totally prohibited in Bulgaria.And there are no clinics for this.
    I was trying to conceive from last 10 years.But i didn't conceive for even one time.
    With the years passing i lost my hope of conceiving.The doctors also can't find the problem.
    So surrogacy was the last option.
    I contacted a clinic in Ukraine for surrogacy.The clinic is very popular for surrogacy.
    I visited the clinic and found the clinic to be very good with good record for infertility treatments.

  3. Ada9 months ago

    LonieKot welcome to this forum. I read your post. It makes me happy. Yes, surrogacy is a good thing if you are facing infertility issues. But it is bad for those ladies who don’t wait for the right time and make a hurry to go through. I think they should wait. Because this is such a process which requires patience. Until you don’t keep patience you won’t get success. Second thing is its cost. It is too much costly and expensive. Like a normal pocket man cannot get this facility. They have to gather money. This requires too much time span. Another thing about this is trust and loyalty. You have to be choosier while selecting a clinic.

  4. TheOptimistic9 months ago

    Infertility is a great loss. It is a real test of the patience. In all these circumstances it becomes tough to deal with the scenario. Assisted reproduction techniques are an excellent alternative for people like you. The top ranking techniques in this regard are the IVF and surrogacy. Surrogacy is an excellent option for the couples who cannot carry their happiness. In couples who have a slight chance of conception IVF can be used. In case the sperms and eggs are not healthy the IVF won't work. To resolve the problem they can resort to the surrogay. With the help of the surrogate mom the couple can have a baby of their own. The surrogate mom gets the sperms and eggs of the biological parents. If the eggs are not in good shape then the surrogate can let her eggs fertilize with the sperms of the biological father. Inside the surrogate's womb the fertiliation happens in a very natural way. She holds the happiness for the next nine months. Surrogacy is the mirale treament.

  5. TheOptimistic9 months ago

    I second your opinion. Surrogacy is a real remedy for the infertile. Despite the fact that there are some legal matters associated with it, surrogacy is doing a really good job. Some people do talk morality. This fact becomes void when we talk of the benefits. It is expensive but still it gives the benefits that are unmatched. It brings home happiness. A selfless effort by the surrogate can be a great gift for many.

  6. Jane Drake9 months ago

    Well yes, surrogacy indeed is helpful. Though it is unfortunate. That countries have banned surrogacy Like you had to travel. Much more travel too. Even my sister has to travel. She is considering surrogacy. I hope things work for her. Keep her in your prayers. Also, help me out here. Which clinic did you go to? Where exactly is it? I would like to search for it. For my sister. What was the package price? How many attempts were offered? Was it affordable? Like the USA is very expensive. What about the clinic you visited.

  7. Emma1249 months ago

    Hi, I hope you are doing fine. Thanks for sharing your story. You are indeed a strong woman. I am glad to see surrogacy help another woman. Infertility is very painful. No one wants to be infertile. A family is incomplete without children. But i am glad with the help of technology infertile couples can have a baby now. Surrogacy is a miracle. I can feel the pain of infertile. As i am also an infertile. I can't conceive because of my heart disease. This news was broke me into pieces. I was in pain and depression. But my husband and i heard about surrogacy. We decided to go for it. We consulted a clinic for treatment. And now are living happily with our surrogate child.

  8. Julie889 months ago

    Hi. How are you doing? I am so sorry to learn about your cancer. You don't have to be upset. There is always a solution to every problem. I am glad that you found one to yours too. Surrogacy is a blessing. It has brought happiness in the lives of many infertile couples. It has fulfilled the dream of the couples to enjoy parenthood. I am surprised to see that so many people are going for it now a days. My sister have had her surrogacy from Ukraine too. She is also a blessed mother of a baby boy now. You must be now waiting to hold your baby in your arms now. I can relate to your excitement. I hope your surrogate mother have a safe and healthy pregnancy. All the very best to you guys. Stay blessed.

  9. Emily1239 months ago

    Hi dear! How are you? Hope you are in good health. So sorry to hear about your cancer and your infertility. I know how hard it can be to deal with. I am also infertile and just like you I also chose surrogacy as my way out of infertility and that to from Ukraine. I am from Germany and surrogacy is prohibited here. When I decided to go for surrogacy I was faced with a lot of negativity and people told me that it was unethical and immoral but after being through the process I can surely say that it is neither unethical nor immoral rather it is beautiful. Everyone deserves to have their own child. I am glad that you are soon going to start your family and WOW twins can be a handful but I know you will be very good parents. All the best to you.

  10. DiviyaSalana9 months ago

    Hi there! Oh, Hysterectomy? Yes! That's really the toughest. I've had it. In the surgical procedure of it, they do have to remove the entire uterus of a woman. I had an MC 3 years ago, due to a car accident. So, I was already pregnant and it became an MC. Unfortunately, the accident saved our lives. It was nearly a death experience for us. Now, due to Hysterectomy, I can't even conceive. So, this year I'm also thinking surrogacy. We had made up our mind for it last year. But, due to some issues. We are undergoing it this year. Yes, Ukraine is a good option. But, we still waiting for to finalize the option...Thanks anyway! I hope you must be fine by now! Wish you all the best with your journey dear. :)

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