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I want to share my post with you all. I was trying to conceive for 4 years but got no result. I tried everything. Then a friend of mine suggested me surrogacy treatment. I am very thankful to her that she suggested me this treatment. I searched for it and the best clinic who are offering this treatment. I came to know that there is a very good clinic. I visited there. They treated me so well. They found the surrogate for me within a week. Now I have a beautiful girl of ten months. that clinic is really great. The clinic also really matters. If the clinic is not good, these treatments also don’t work. So I will really suggest Europe to those who want to go for fertility treatment.

  1. Jade21 year ago

    Hello, Emma. How are you? I hope you're alright. I'm glad you shared your story with us. I'm so happy to read about how it turned out for you. You deserve this happiness. You really do. I had a similar experience. I'm currently undergoing surrogacy with a clinic in Ukraine. They are brilliant at what they do. I honestly have not made a better decision than choosing them. They got me the best surrogate, I could've wished for. Soon, I'm hoping she'll be pregnant and then we can take the next steps. I agree Europe is the best place for such treatments! Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. Robin James1 year ago

    Hey, Emma. Hope you're alright. I'm so happy that things worked out for you. This is a really nice read. Surrogacy is a fantastic procedure. I'm glad you went for it. Even better, I'm delighted all this happened for you. I've heard great things about a certain clinic in Ukraine. I'm sure you went to the same one. They are so good with the services they provide. They are authorities on assisted conception. I underwent my process with the same clinic. It was such a good experience. It's great to see they are getting the recognition they deserve. They helped create my family. I can never thank them enough!

  3. rebecca121 year ago

    Hi there, Emma! I hope you're doing great. Congratulations on your baby girl! Your story is very inspiring, honestly. Infertility is literally a curse for women. When I was declared infertile, I was totally broken. I use to blame myself for it and wouldn't go out of my house. I was so ashamed of myself that I can't even give a baby to my husband. I'm very thankful for modernization which is making lives easier. Surrogacy is a beautiful option to have a baby. It is trending throughout the world with amazing success rates. I'm glad you had your treatment from a satisfying clinic. This is also a blessing to find a good clinic. I'm reading a lot of negative experiences with certain clinics nowadays. Anyway, best wishes to you!

  4. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Hey, I am so happy for you! For me finding out that someone fought through infertility is the best news ever. I am also visiting the same clinic. They are amazing! When I was finding a clinic for myself I was so nervous. However, I read through their policy and also read the reviews. Everything was positive about them. When I contacted them they were so nice and even invited me for the first consultation meeting. The meeting was the point where all the decisions were made. The doctors were extremely experienced and knowledgeable. I chose the economic package at that time. Now, they have changed the programs to standard and VIP. So far everything is going smoothly. One good clinic would mean a good experience. Therefore, doing your own research is really important.

  5. hannahgr1 year ago

    Hello. Hope you are fine. I agree with you. There are many good clinics in Europe for fertility treatments. My friend also did her surrogacy treatment from a clinic in Europe. She was declared infertile. She was facing infertility for 5 years. After her surrogacy treatment, she has a beautiful baby girl. She was so happy with the results. One should make a proper research before going to a clinic. I recommend all those who are in their TTC journey to be hopeful. Keep struggling. Life has ups and downs. We should wait for our good times to come. Wishing good luck to everyone!

  6. jannifer kate1 year ago

    Hello! Hope you are on a good state of health. Congratulations for having a baby. I am really glad for you. I hope your story encourages many of them out there. Infertility is hard to tackle. But if you find the good clinic all of your worries will vanish away. I had really bad experience of adonis clinic. The staff there are so rude and they don't cooperate well with there patients after trying all the clinics. I had my treatment from Biotexcom clinic. I am really happy that in the time of need I haven't had to suffer much. My first attempt went successfully. I suggest every infertile couple they must go for treatment in Biotexcom. They are also coming in the UK. You have the great opportunity to discuss and resolve your issues. Good luck everyone.

  7. Susan551 year ago

    Hello Emma, How are you? I am very happy for you. many congratulations to you. You are a strong woman. You had faced a lot. I was infertile too. I was trying to conceive from last six months. It was really difficult for me. I was very depressed. Then Someone suggested surrogacy. My husband took me to Ukraine. there we found the best clinic there. We were successful. We have a baby boy. Now we feel complete. Stay positive. Hope for the best all ladies. Best wishes

  8. Jane Drake1 year ago

    I think I know which clinic are you talking about. They are the best. I believe they are the best in Europe. I mean I haven't heard a bad thing about them. That is what makes them extraordinary. Any person who has ever set foot in this clinic has never returned with a complaint. My neighbor went to this clinic too. She has been in love with the staff. She talks very highly of Anastasia. Anastasia is their English department head. She is an adorable lady. I heard they are coming to visit London next month. It will be a great opportunity for all those in London. They can save their seats. It will give them a chance to get a free consultation.

  9. emma2281 year ago

    Hey. So happy to hear. Indeed Surrogacy is a blessing. I am deciding to have my second baby through surrogacy. I was suffering from Uterine polyps disease. I was so depressed and worried when I first heard that I am not able to conceive. My husband wanted a baby badly. He stood by my side through every hard time. So we decided to choose something for us. We chose surrogacy. It was the right decision we took. Now we are happy that we are parents now. The clinic where we had surrogacy was the same clinic you are talking about. I must say, The staff was so supportive. We were given a healthy surrogate. Now my family is completed just because of them.

  10. sydney1231 year ago

    Hey. I am so happy for you. I stand by Surrogacy. Surrogacy is a miracle. It is a blessing for every infertile couple. It is a great happiness for women to have babies. Every mother can get the happiness of motherhood through surrogacy. I was a sportswoman and I was passing through fatigue injury. I was trying to conceive. I lost all my hope. Then I went for surrogacy to the same clinic as yours. The clinic where I had surrogacy was a peerless clinic. The staff was so supportive. Now I have a baby. Best of luck.

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