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I want to share my post with you all. I was trying to conceive for 4 years but got no result. I tried everything. Then a friend of mine suggested me surrogacy treatment. I am very thankful to her that she suggested me this treatment. I searched for it and the best clinic who are offering this treatment. I came to know that there is a very good clinic. I visited there. They treated me so well. They found the surrogate for me within a week. Now I have a beautiful girl of ten months. that clinic is really great. The clinic also really matters. If the clinic is not good, these treatments also don’t work. So I will really suggest Europe to those who want to go for fertility treatment.

  1. Ada8 months ago

    Hey, Emma733 that’s so good!!! I would like to say congratulations dear. I was not expecting this but you did this. I am glad for you. finally, your efforts bring results. Now make these moments enjoyable and remarkable. These are the most memorable days of your life. One thing that you said is 100% true. Clinics matters a lot. there are many spammers who are going to play fraud with people. They don’t bother their feelings and emotions. Clinics may prove as a blessing for couples. They may play their role as a devil. Lucky are those who get the address of a clinic. I wish I ever met with those people who have success stories.

  2. redstar8 months ago

    Hey that's such a great news!! And congratulations to you.!!!!

  3. soulful8 months ago

    Europe is the best place for infertility treatments. I am really happy for you. You have to get your desired results. Congratulations on becoming a mother. You are blessed. I won't share another great news. My favorite clinic Biotexcom team is coming to Uk on 18-19 August. They are the best team in Ukraine. It will be really helpful for those who need consultation regarding Infertility. Its best opportunity for you guys. Don't miss it. Avail this opportunity. Get yourself registered at Seat are limited. Wish you a very good luck

  4. EmilyBaker8 months ago

    Congratulations on the baby. Your family is complete now. It would feel amazing. Now that the hard times are over. You finally have a baby. I would like to share my story too. A hysterectomy left me infertile. I could not conceive. I did not feel like living. That's when my husband found a clinic in Europe. We decided to go for surrogacy there. Thanks to the clinic, I will be a mother soon. I got to know that the clinic will be visiting London in mid-August. I would advise infertile couples to have a look. There is no harm in visiting them once.

  5. katti8 months ago

    Hey Emma, hope you are doing good. I am very happy for you buddy. I had also faced a lot of depression lately, but now I have decided for surrogacy. I was very worried to visit the clinic as I live in Ireland and I have heard that best treatment is available in Ukraine. I am very happy to know that one of the top rated of clinic Biotecom of Ukraine is coming to visit UK. Their team is coming on 18 and 19 august in London, UK. They will also bring their head of English Department Anastasia which will eliminate the language barrier. They will brief people about available treatments and give answers of patients' concerns and queries. Alongwith sharing information, they ll also give chance of signing contact on the spot. Isn't it amazing. I am so excited and will definitely attend this event. This is a one of its kind opportunity. I have already registered myself at There are limited seats so I registered myself instantly to avail this amazing opportunity. Can't wait for august!

  6. bella suza8 months ago

    Infertility is hard to tackle. i am suffer till the 2 year that time is very hard for me . I was so depressed and worried when i first heard that i am not able to conceive. my husband wanted a baby badly. he stood by my side through every hard time. so we decided to choose something for us.Every mother can get the happiness of motherhood through surrogacy.i dont lost my one of friend inform me about a clinic which is in Ukraine .the staff of that clinic so supportive by their communication skill and courtesy .The staff was so supportive.they guide me step by step now i have baby boy of 2 month .he is healthy. I am very thankful to Ukraine clinic

  7. bella suza8 months ago

    hello emma!
    the period of infertility is very hard to spent . i am very happy. to know you can bear that problem with corrage .and adopt surrogacy.
    Congratulations on the baby.Europe is the best place for infertility treatments.there are many spammers who are going to play fraud with people.but you should know to happy the best clinic for surrogacy visit london 18 and 19 . you sould visit for checkup because the staff and their team give treatment with english department.i am very excited to meet them.

  8. isbella8 months ago

    Hello. So cheerful to hear. In fact Surrogacy is a gift. I am choosing to have my second baby through surrogacy. I was infertile in past.I was so discouraged and stressed when I initially heard that I am not ready to conceive. my husband was supportive. So we chose to pick something for us. We picked surrogacy. It was the correct choice we took. Presently we are happy that we are parents now. The clinic where we had surrogacy was a similar facility you are discussing. I should state, The staff was so strong. We were given a sound surrogate. You should go there. A clinic is located in Europe.

  9. Nala8508 months ago

    Hey there. I want to share my story too. I was told that I'm infertile a few years ago. That too without a cause. We had previously conceived successfully after 10 years of trying. But then had a miscarriage. Then infertility came. We decided to go for assisted conception after buckling up. No use. So we opted for surrogacy at this clinic in Europe. They were amazing. And fulfilled what they offered. At the end of it. I have a little baby girl. She is my world.

  10. agnes068 months ago

    "Hey brave woman. I hope you are doing great. Do not feel left out or miserable or hopeless. Ups and downs are indeed a great part of our lives. It is a common thing for pregnant women to feel this fear of losing their child. There is nothing to worry about. Everything will be fine in the end. Good luck. there's my favorite clinic for surrogacy My favorite clinic Biotexcom is coming to the UK on 18th and 19th August don't miss that out they are having limited seats

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