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Always try to contact renowned clinics. I was from Japan i was also looking for a clinic myself. We moved to Europe to find a good clinic. In Europe we roamed for 4 months in search of good clinics but didn't found one. Than we searched for clinics from internet. On internet there were many clinics mentioned on different forums. We traced a good clinic. The clinic is very good. I contacted them over the web via emails. They responded us and we have some discussions. Than i told them about my issue of infertility. I was infertile due to hysterectomy cancer. The clinic gave us a date for meeting and we moved to clinic. After some documentation and paperwork we started our surrogacy journey. The clinic provided a very good surrogate. Now our surrogate is pregnant with our twin daughters. Soon we will have our babies. Good luck everyone.

  1. Evie17 months ago

    Hey, there. How are you? I hope you're alright. This is a really amazing post. I'm glad you had this experience. Good luck to you. I hope the journey is smooth from here. My prayers are with you. I really hope my journey is similar to yours. I'm new in this forum. I love reading these posts. I'm really excited about my journey. I'm yet to decide what method to go for. I'll probably opt for IVF. Thank you so much!

  2. zaviya7 months ago

    I feel really bad about what happened to you. The worst to happen on top of the problems regarding infertility and miscarriages is the worst behavior in the clinic. They need to start caring about people's problems. I am really upset that a professional place could go this wrong. I would recommend you to look for another clinic which will be suitable for you. Try to stay positive. Just Take good care of yourself. Try to find a reliable clinic for yourself. Search before visiting the clinic. Everything will be all right sooner or later. Take care dear!

  3. niya7 months ago

    I am sorry about your experience with such a dodgy clinic. I am so glad that the clinic I went to was nothing like that. They were so efficient and trustworthy. Now I'm pregnant through IVF. It's just because of that clinic. Just Take good care of yourself. You suffered too much because of miscarriages. We are in the same boat. The doctor told me about my infertility. I was in depression. It was hard for me. And would surely look into this too when I would begin my procedure.

  4. Amelia0037 months ago

    Hey there! Congratulation on having your surrogate pregnant. I am so happy for you that you found a way. Surrogacy is really a blessing for infertile. I am also blessed with a child through surrogacy from biotexcom clinic in Ukraine. I have been provided with great services there. They arranged a surrogate for me and took a great care of her. Now biotexcom team going to visit Uk for conducting an open session on 18-19 August. It will be a great chance for people who are TTC for so long with no luck to have initial consultation right there. You will be able to get all necessary information regarding the treatment in the clinic. There is also a great opportunity to sign a contract. Seats are limited, so I suggest infertile people register themselves for the meeting. I hope you will get your baby soon. Best wishes. God bless you.

  5. Petja7 months ago

    I live in Bulgaria. Here surrogacy is prohibited. I was looking for a clinic for my surrogacy journey. As i can't find a clinic in Bulgaria. So i was contacting some clinics from abroad. I came to know about Lotus clinic. The clinic had many ads for its infertility treatments. I mailed the clinic for some info regarding surrogacy. But the clinic didn't replied. I mailed them for at least 8 9 times. But the clinic didn't responded back. How can a clinic ignore its clients. I am shocked by this behaviour of clinic. So someone contacting this clinic should be careful. Research about a clinic before going for it. Don't waste your time on such clinics. Instead look out for some good clinics.

  6. Julie887 months ago

    Congratulations on your twins. I feel so happy for you. The clinic is doing great. It really makes impressive efforts to satisfy its people. I also had surrogacy from there. I and my husband tried to conceive for five years. There was no luck. We were then told about this clinic. Due, to chromosomal abnormalities I was declared infertile. This clinic conducted all my tests. The doctors were qualified and experienced and made me come out of the depression. Surrogacy has changed my world. Now, I have forgotten all the pain I have been through. All thanks to them! I would recommend everyone to give them a try! They won't let you down.

  7. Sofia19947 months ago

    I am married for the second time at the age of 43. I knew all my complications about my previous pregnancies. So I told my husband everything about my issues. He said he is fine with my complications. Then we decided to have a baby via surrogacy. So we started looking for a clinic for surrogacy. We found a clinic named A***s. The clinic has many promotions for its services but when we contacted the clinic. The clinic didn't reply in a professional way. The clinic doesn't mail all the necessary info about the procedure. The clinic is not very good for its clients. The advertisements for the clinic are so attractive but a clinic is of no use if it doesn't reply to its clients. Beware of lotus clinic. You will just waste your time on this clinic. Instead, contact some good clinic. Be careful while choosing a good clinic.

  8. TinaK7 months ago

    Hey, there hope you are doing great. Congratulations on your twins. Thank God after facing so many difficulties you are able to have your twins. Look there are always Good things and Bad things everywhere. Clinic you consulted firstly have very bad Reputation all over Europe. they are just complete wastage of time and money. You did an amazing thing to choose other option for your self. Congratulation again for your success. I Would like to suggest all people looking for better outcomes not to contact with these type of scammer clinics. Don't waste your time and money on such a clinic and keep your self up to date about the reputation of the clinic. Thanks for sharing your story dear.

  9. Laura017 months ago

    Hey, Dear! How are you? I hope you are fine. It's sad to know that you were suffering from cancer. It's very hard to deal with cancer and infertility at the same time. I know it must have been hard for you to accept such reality. Infertility is a curse. It's very hard to deal with it. But I am happy that you stayed strong. You didn't lose hope. You took a right decision at the right time. You chose a good clinic for your treatment. Ukraine's clinics are really best for this treatment. Congratulations to you and your better half. I hope you will become parents of twin babies soon. May God bless everyone with kids who are infertile. I wish you good luck with your journey. Stay happy.

  10. bellaj7 months ago

    Yes, dear, you are very right. Choosing the best clinic is very important in your treatment. I have seen many people get scammed by some clinics. My Freind has a bad experience with lotus clinic. She was so desperate to have a child. She visited them and they take advantage of it. They have taken all of their money. She was so dishearted with their behavior. She loses all her hope. She thinks that all clinics do the same. I was worried about her. Now your post gives me motivation. I will definitely recommend her this clinic. Thank you dear for sharing this wonderful experience. Best of luck to you

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