Single Mom

I just need to vent. No advice needed as to take care of me and kids and all of that stuff people quickly say. I have been a Single Parent for a while now and I hate this. Husband had a serious drinking and drug problem and ended up in jail. I know it is only up to him to get tired of it and change if he wants it but meanwhile what do I do besides the usual work, take care of kids, household, problems etc...I am sad, overwhlemed, feel trapped and have no one. Kids have no male role model. They are angry, I am angry. A good friend is what I need to talk to. Someone going through the same thing RIGHT now. Not once upon a time. Someone who is a single mom right now. No boyfriend, fiance, girlfriend, family, or friends. Just mom and kids like me. That is a sincerely single mom. Anyone else out there? I move down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with husband and kids in 2008 now here we,are away from family in Buffalo, New York. I have no one to help me relocate back up there and honestly I don't eant to deal with snow, cold and storms again.

  1. camillenanjala9 months ago

    Single parenthood can be a tightrope walk. A balance between the workplace, domestic life and the needs of children prone to act out when there’s no Dad or Mum at home. But there are some simple tips to help the family live happily in a hectic world. Being a single mom is a momentous challenge. You’ll feel like you need to be the breadwinner, the bruised knee kisser, the homework expert, the social calendar organizer and so much more. It’s tough going but with some good coping strategies in place you can keep it together. And be a fantastic mom to your kids, too. But behind the scenes, everyone has good days and bad days just like you. Every single mom has moments of doubt. Or moments where she can’t find the keys or her kid just spilled red sauce on her pale colored couch. You’re not doing any worse than anyone else. Being a single mom is challenging, but you can do it. Build up a repertoire of coping skills that work for you and make it easier to navigate single mom-hood, and remember to turn to them every day.

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