I am a very unlucky woman. I am unable to have a baby naturally. As i can't hold a baby inside my womb. I was trying to have a baby from last 17 years. I had a number of complications while getting pregnant. I was unable to conceive firstly. But then i conceived for the first time after 17 years. We were happy that we are finally going to have a baby. Then the happiness ended up with a miscarriage. Then again i was pregnant for 2 more times. But both times i had again miscarriages. My husband left me. I was left alone and heartbroken. Now i am married at 43 years of age. Now i want a family. So we are going for surrogacy now to have a baby. We will contact a good clinic. We will start our surrogacy journey there. Good wishes to everyone.

  1. emma2289 months ago

    Hello. I am so happy for you. Best of luck for your journey. Infertility is so difficult to face. Some lady faces infertility after first child. I also faced miscarriage due to uterine polyps disease. So I chose to go for treatment. It didn't go successfully either. I was so disappointed and discouraged that what might be next. I chose to go for surrogacy. We were somewhat confident about it. We faced no trouble in discovering surrogate. Today I am a happy mother. Surrogacy is a blessing indeed. I hope it would be helpful for you too. Stay blessed.

  2. Diana1998 9 months ago

    Hi Sofia1994
    Sorry for what you have been going through. It is unfortunate because no woman chooses to become barren. So when one is unable to give birth, the society should not look down upon them but should do everything they can to offer them support. It is unfortunate that your husband has left you just because your womb cannot hold a baby and carry it. I know you are not infertile but your womb cannot carry a pregnancy. Now, my dear, I think you need to start looking at things positively. Advancement in technology has made things better. I am glad that you have remarried and decided to forge on with life. Let me assure you that it is the right thing you have done and the latest technology will help you sire and bring up children. IVF and surrogacy offer a solution to the problem you have. You should resort to surrogacy if you want to have a baby. There are many clinics in Europe you can go to and get assisted. Biotexcom is one of the clinics that has really helped couples in the predicament you are in. They offer surrogacy on the clients’ egg. It is where the egg will be retrieved from you, fertilized in the lab and transferred into your uterus. After two weeks, you will be subjected to hCG test to confirm whether it attached itself successfully or not. If the attachment was successful, you will be observed for 12 weeks after which you will be declared pregnant.

  3. Emma1249 months ago

    Hello Sofia, how are you doing? Hope you are okay. Sorry to hear about your infertility. It is a curse. Unfortunately it has become a common disease. I am also an infertile. I am facing infertility from 5 years. The reason of my infertility is my heart problem. We started looking for surrogacy clinic after our doctor's recommendation. We heard about Ukraine clinics. we decided to try our luck. We moved to Ukraine for treatment. There we found a good clinic. The clinic had the latest facilities and the trained staff. Now we have a surrogate child, it is all thanks to them. I hope your surrogacy will go well also, Good luck

  4. olivia299 months ago

    Hey there. I hope you are doing fine. Don't stress about this matter. You will do yourself no good. The struggles that you have been through. I hope and pray that everything turns out fine. This must eb difficult. But have faith. You should consult your doctors about the options you have. Because there are procedures like IVF and Surrogacy which can help you out. Because my sister went through infertility. Her doctors gave up on her but then she opted for IVF treatment. Now she has a beautiful boy. best of luck.

  5. Lindymorne9 months ago

    Hi Sofia. I can understand your feelings. I know what is going through your mind. Just relax. Things will work out just fine. If you are looking for a clinic then contact every clinic except Adonis. This clinic will leave you disappointed. Their staff is not qualified. Treatments costs are too high. Doctors don’t know how to talk with the patient. My best prayers for you and your husband.

  6. bella suza9 months ago

    I hope you are doing well . I so agree with you. Infertility is very hard to be dealt. It not only drains the physical energy. But also disturbs one psychologically. I can understand this as I had been a victim. I had ectopic pregnancies which I had to abort. Since then I am TTC. But all my efforts go in vain. I am also considering surrogacy now. but we didnt had any attractive option here. On a friends' suggestion we emailed a clinic in Ukraine. They replied us in few minutes. We have been discussing our details and have asked about the necessary details. We are very much satisfied from the clinic. We ll be visiting them soon to start our surrogacy journey.

  7. Laura019 months ago

    Hey dear, Don't worry and be positive. After reading your story, I must say you are such a brave lady. You didn't lose heart. You made a right decision for yourself. You should have made this decision long ago. But still, it's not late. You just go for that as soon as possible. Wishing you good luck.

  8. alice999 months ago

    Hello there. I am 43 years old. I am now infertile.Then I come to know about surrogacy. I had opted for surrogacy. I decide to find the better place for my surrogacy because surrogacy is legally banned in my country. I had found a reputable clinic. Through there treatment my surrogacy becomes successful. At last the happiest moment of my life comes. Now I have a baby through surrogacy. I also advised you for surrogacy. Good luck.

  9. bella suza9 months ago

    Hello there. How are you? I hope you are well. For IVF what matters the most is a good clinic. The clinic should have a high success rate. This ensures that the doctor is a professional and an expert in his field. IVF if alone doesn't work then people do opt for IVF with DE. This mostly works for people as well. Surrogacy is proven to be more successful. I wish it goes well for everyone. Take care. Lots of love.

  10. alice999 months ago

    Surrogacy is a beautiful process and has the highest success rate. Choosing the right clinic is very important when it comes to infertility and I am glad that I went to the best clinic out there. I had my surrogacy from Ukraine. It was successful. Good luck to you all.

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