I am a very unlucky woman. I am unable to have a baby naturally. As i can't hold a baby inside my womb. I was trying to have a baby from last 17 years. I had a number of complications while getting pregnant. I was unable to conceive firstly. But then i conceived for the first time after 17 years. We were happy that we are finally going to have a baby. Then the happiness ended up with a miscarriage. Then again i was pregnant for 2 more times. But both times i had again miscarriages. My husband left me. I was left alone and heartbroken. Now i am married at 43 years of age. Now i want a family. So we are going for surrogacy now to have a baby. We will contact a good clinic. We will start our surrogacy journey there. Good wishes to everyone.

  1. M ella 9 months ago

    Hi, I’m very sad about you to hear all these. I think we should accept all the positive and negative points of our partner. I feel deeply about the wrong behavior in loving relationships. But some people don’t care. He should stand with you during this painful journey as your husband is standing with you now. but anyways try to forget your painful periods. Now you are going to be a mother. Because surrogacy is a successful treatment. There is a clinic working ideally against infertility. They are best in surrogacy should contact them. I sure you will succeed. They have an ideal environment for their patients. They offer a number of facilities along treatment. wish you a good luck for your surrogacy journey.

  2. eilsie9 months ago

    Wow. This is such an amazing news. I am so excited. I know about this BioTexCom. I also had my surrogacy from here. I will definitely attend this event. I need some suggestions from the doctor. I am sure they will guide me there.

  3. jannifer kate9 months ago

    I feel so bad for you. You had spent a tough life. TTC from 17 years is too painful. I can understand your situation. TTC and MC is the worst experience. My friend had three MC. After that, she was infertile. She was so disheartened. Later she moved to Biotexcom for her treatment. She had no other option except surrogacy. Biotexcom helps her a lot in her treatment. Now she has a twin from surrogacy. I have a good news for you. Biotexcom is organizing an event about fertility treatment. Its a great opportunity for you. You should have to attend this event. I'm sure it will be very profitable for you. Take care of yourself. Good luck.

  4. zianarose8 months ago

    Hello, hope so you are fine. I am so sorry to know about this. But I really appreciate your efforts. That you are not losing hope. I am also infertile. I was pregnant but due to an accident. I had a miscarriage. The doctor has not told any specific reason. I am so stressed out. But I am not losing hope. Now looking for treatments. Hoping to find some solution soon. I pray that all goes well in your case too. Just don't lose hope. Stay strong nothing is impossible. My prayers for your journey ahead. Takecare. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Katy4588 months ago

    I am sad to know about story.Infertility is really bad disease.But i am happy to know that you choose the right way to born baby.Surrogacy is the best option to born baby for infertile people.
    I am 35 year old. Me and my husband living a happy life. But there is too many bad experience in life. I am doing some bad habits Due to these bad habits I had 3 times miscarriages occur. And I lost my infertility.
    Nobody can live whole life in infertility. We want baby but due to infertility I can’t do anything. We went everywhere for checkup but nothing happened. Finally someone told us about surrogacy and IVF.
    First I was frighten IVF. But I had no other choice. We searched a lot about many clinics.We contact with a clinic and reached there for IVF.I had 3 time failure occur in IVF. But still i did not lose hope.We always hope for best.I hope everything will go in right way.

  6. Sarahxyz8 months ago

    Do not say that you are unlucky.I am sad to know about your story.But you never loose hope.Everything is possible in life so do not loose hope.You choose the best option to born baby.. I am also infertile.I went every where for check up but nothing happened.I lost my hope .I want baby but can not born baby.Then some one told me about surrogacy.We contact with Clinic and reached there for surrogacy.Now i am very happy.I have 2 baby by surrogacy.I also suggest surrogacy for you to born baby.Good luck for your future .So do not say again unlucky.

  7. Amanda Kalvoska8 months ago

    "I trust you are protected and living a content with your love.Thanks for sharing this wonderful and enlightening story.I truly value you for this.Surrogacy is the common method to conceived infant for barren individuals.

    For surrogacy facility plays a critical role.If we pick best surrogacy center then everything go positive. I am additionally infertile.I went wherever for check up however nothing happened.I lost my expectation .I need infant yet can not conceived baby.Then somebody informed me concerning surrogacy.We contact with surrogacy Clinic and came to there for surrogacy.They helped me a lot.They gave me certain results.Now I am exceptionally happy.I have a child by surrogacy.I likewise recommend surrogacy for you to conceived baby.People must think about the surrogacy so the everybody can appreciate the life.

    Good fortunes for your future.


  8. sydney1238 months ago

    May God bless you. Surrogacy is a good procedure. It is a successful procedure. It is a hope for many women. You should also think about it. You will not face any difficulty in this procedure. And visit Europe for this process. Europe has the best clinic. They provide healthy surrogacy. The staff is very caring. They are the best. I have also a child through surrogacy and I visit Europe for this process. I love her a lot. Thanks to surrogacy. And special thanks to the staff.

  9. emma2288 months ago

    Hey. So happy to hear your success story. Indeed Surrogacy is a blessing. I am deciding to have my second baby through surrogacy. I was suffering from Uterine polyps disease. I was so depressed and worried when I first heard that I am not able to conceive. My husband wanted a baby badly. He stood by my side through every hard time. So we decided to choose something for us. We chose surrogacy. It was the right decision we took. Now we are happy that we are parents now. The clinic where we had surrogacy was the best clinic in Europe. I must say, The staff was so supportive. We were given a healthy surrogate. Now my family is completed just because of them.

  10. Lucy jones88 months ago

    hey there. hope you are fine. don't call yourself unlucky. you will have a baby soon. just don't lose hope. donee disappointed. it is fate. you are perfect. I'm here to support. ill pay for you. just give your best. I'm glad you are about to start a new journey. surrogacy has bee successful for many will be for you too. all struggles will be worth it then. sending you baby dust. keep me updated. take care.

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