I am also infertile so i went for surrogacy. Surrogacy was also successful for us. Our surrogacy journey went so smooth. There was no complication in our surrogacy journey. Now our surrogate is pregnant with our twin daughters. Soon we will have our surrogate's delivery date and we will fly to the clinic to be with our daughters.

  1. jenny5888 months ago

    Wow, this is such an amazing news. I am so happy for you. You must be feeling so excited. Surrogacy is indeed a beautiful journey. My sister had her baby boy via surrogacy. She was very reluctant to go for it in the start. But her doctors convinced her. She was very confused. But gradually, she agreed. It was a very long journey. We had to search a lot of clinics. There were scams as well so we were really confused. We tried contacting Lotus clinic. But soon we came to know it's not worth our money. We finally found a good clinic and my sister had her treatment from there. She is extremely happy now. Wish you good luck with your journey as well.

  2. Julie888 months ago

    Congratulations to you, hon! I am so glad you have decided on surrogacy. It is a blessing. It has been fulfilling the dreams of the couples for so long. You must be excited to hold your daughters. Isn't it? I pray for things to go as you have planned them to be. Good luck!

  3. kim888 months ago

    Whao! This is a wonderful news. It is so great to hear. You must be on the seventh sky. Yeah? I pray that the surrogate mom has a safe pregnancy ahead. Wishing you guys a good luck. Make the most of your time. Sending baby dust to your way.

  4. MirandaD8 months ago

    Hey congratulations to you! This must be so exciting for you. I hope everything goes smoothly. Just be positive and stay calm. I know at this stage it is so hard to be patient. I hope the twin babies bring immense joy in your life. Surrogacy is all about love and happiness. I honestly think it is an amazing process. I am going to be going for my IVF. I am very nervous about that. I hope it works out. Best of luck to you. It will be nice if you would elaborate on your experience. So that we all can know more about you and the procedure. Sending lots of warm wishes.

  5. Lina Williams8 months ago

    I hope you are fine. I know it is a tough decision for you. People who are infertile have a lot of problems. They stop living their lives as normals and live like people who do not have a normal life. I know it will be difficult but you should go for surrogacy. It will have very much positive effects on you. Having your own child is the best feeling in the world. Choose a suitable clinic for surrogacy. Lotus and Adonis will not be helpful to you. They will not give you the best facilities. Try some good clinic as it will be beneficial. You will be able to succeed in your life. I hope you choose the best thin o you.

  6. Lina Williams8 months ago

    MCs are very much saddening. they make your life depressed. You are not able to help yourself through these situations. This is the time through which you will pass. Life will become difficult. You should remain strong and never make it a difficult thing for you I hope all your problems may fade away. You should go for surrogacy. It has a life-changing experience for all the people. I have seen people who are so much happy because of it. I hope you too get happy because of it.

  7. sarahdavid8 months ago

    hi, I am so happy for you, I've been through the same journey as yours so I can totally understand your happiness and joy. TTC is hard and no one understands the struggle. I and my boyfriend were trying for a child for 3 years but nothing worked for me. I went through IVF treatments too but it didn't work for me because it is dependent on your body's response and based on luck. IVF was painful too but what scared me more was the outcome and unfortunately, it was negative. I didn't go for the second round and then my doctor suggested me surrogacy and now I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl. I would suggest everyone going through such issues and people ttc talk to your doctors openly and try these new ways like IUI, IVF, and surrogacy to overcome infertility.

  8. adele1238 months ago

    This is so beautiful. I am so happy for you. It's so amazing that you took a good decision. Surrogacy has proved to be beneficial to many. People have got their happiness through it. Many infertile couples had lost hope. But this treatment gave them hope again. They kept faith in themselves. And that's really nice. I hope your surrogacy journey goes successfully. My cousin also had her baby via surrogacy. She went to Ukraine too. She was very happy and contented. She even recommends it to everyone facing infertility. Anyways, wish you good luck. Keep updating us.

  9. joshien8 months ago

    Many many congratulations. Aww! That's super cute. I loved your post. I am so happy for you. You went through a very difficult phase, no doubt. But God blessed you with such a beautiful news. You're going to have twins. That is so amazing. You're very lucky, I must say. I hope you stay happy forever. All the best! So happy to know about you. I hope everything will go fine for you. You will have your little ones soon. Glad to know that surrogacy worked for you. Sending lots of luck to you. Fingers crossed.

  10. Laura178 months ago

    Many many congratulations to you. I am very happy for you. This is the best news I got today. This makes my day. I am glad that surrogacy helped you. So, as your surrogate is pregnant with twins I hope soon they will be in your lap. I am happy that you didn't lose hope. And you went for surrogacy. Well, this is all because you found a good clinic. A good clinic is very necessary and important. These days, Lotus and Adonis clinics are just there to make people fool. Giving them the worst treatment and pieces of advice. Thank you so much for sharing your happiness with us. I am also on my surrogacy journey. The clinic in Europe plays a very vital role in this journey. Soon I will be a mother.

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