Surrogacy Blessing

Surrogacy gives the infertile people a chance to have some kids.Surrogacy is very good according to me.Surrogacy should not be banned.It is the source of happiness for many people.Surrogate moms give kids to others who are unable to have kids naturally.
For me surrogacy is the best thing in the world.i was infertile and i got my twin daughters from surrogacy.
Good luck to everyone.

  1. rebecca128 months ago

    I stand with surrogacy too! It is the last hope of infertile couples. I am infertile too and deeply understand the importance of surrogacy. If it wasn't for surrogacy, I wouldn't become a mother ever. Congratulations to you! I hope you have a healthy and a happy life. Best wishes!

  2. emily2948 months ago

    Hey dear. You are right. Surrogacy is no doubt a blessing for infertile ladies. If it would not have been in existence, then there would be a worst situation for infertile ladies. But I would like to mention here that any body wants to go for surrogacy must assure that the clinic they are availing services from is worth visiting or not. Because there are many such clinics who garuntee the best services. But failed to do so. And in my opinion, they give the worst services ever. I am saying with such a confidence because I myself had a very bad experience with such a clinic. . I wanted to have some information regarding my friend's case. She is infertile. She is diagnosed with PCOS. After so many TTC, she lose hope. When she consult with doctor, she was diagnosed infertile.
    Someone told us about Lotus clinic. Me and my friend both contacted them through email and phone call. They are not receiving phone call. We sent them emails. But still no reply even after a long wait of 2 and half weeks. My friend is feeling more and more negative feelings due to clinic's response.
    I must say please avoid such clinics which are just wasting the patient's precious time.

  3. DiviyaSalana8 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your opinion here. I completely understand and support your position here. That's how it goes! Best of luck! I'm also in the same boat as yours. I'm also going to Ukraine in August for my process. Pray for me. xx

  4. Lina Williams8 months ago

    I hope you are doing well. I can understand what you are going through. It has been a difficult phase for you. No need to worry about it. There are some clinics that can help you with your problem of infertility. But before choosing one to operate do visit more than one clinic. As some of the clinics like Lotus do not have a team that responds efficiently. Surrogacy has become a blessing for all the couples who could not have had their own child. They are now having children through surrogacy and living a happy life. I hope you get a good clinic to perform the procedure upon you. Best wishes.

  5. Hannah.David8 months ago

    Hey, Lonie I hope you are doing well. Congratulations on your twins! This must be so exciting for you. Surrogacy has proven to be successful for many. It has about 70% chance of success. The clinic I am visiting gives a guarantee that you will have a child through it. Infertility journey has been a rough one for me. So many failures that I had literally lost all the hope. However, thanks to a supportive family who were determined to help me out. They were the ones who convinced me to opt for surrogacy. I am now in the middle of the procedure. So far everything has been going great. Whoever opts for it make sure you choose the right clinic. One good clinic can change your whole experience. Best of luck to everyone who is also on the same journey.

  6. sophiesanders8 months ago

    I believe you are doing good in life. I have seen that there are many people who are afraid of surrogacy. Surrogacy is not a bad process but a process in which couples could get the best feeling of their life. All they need to do is to look for a very efficient clinic that could help them. There are certain clinics that you can visit. There are others I've found to be not so good with their services like Lotus. I have some relatives who visited a clinic in Ukraine and other European countries. They ave ago environment better than the ones in the USA. This can change your life for the better. So do go for a visit as they will be helpful to you.

  7. emmajoe8 months ago

    Hope you are doing well and I remain with surrogacy as well! It is the last any desire for fruitless couples. I am barren as well and profoundly comprehend the significance of surrogacy. If not for surrogacy, I wouldn't turn into a mother ever. I am happy for you. I trust you have a solid and a glad life. thumbs up from my side for you happy life. (y)

  8. Susan558 months ago

    Hello LonieKot! How are you? I agree with you. Surrogacy is a blessing. It is last hope for many couples. It should not be banned. Many infertile couples face problems due to the ban on surrogacy. Ukraine surrogacy is legal. Good to know that surrogacy worked for you. My best wishes are with you. Stay blessed

  9. bella238 months ago

    Hey Hello. I am really glad to read your views. I believe that having your own child is necessary for completion of life. Some couples can't have this blessing naturally. They really need the help of these methods. I am glad that now many people are aware of the fact. They support such methods. All the countries who banned it. They are not providing opportunities to the infertile couples. What about their happiness. They also want to enjoy parenthood. Everyone has right to utilize these methods. I wish all these people start accepting it. All countries should allow it. Hope everyone gets happiness. Stay blessed always.

  10. serra8 months ago

    Surrogacy is indeed a blessing for many parents. I am also living happily just because of surrogacy. I have faced infertility. I am facing it for 10 years. I wanted to be a mother. I wanted to have my own child. But I was not that lucky. So I wasted few more years in trying. In the end, I made up my mind about surrogacy. So I went to a clinic in Europe. The clinic provided me with a healthy surrogate. I am happy I have chosen a right clinic. Before that, I also went to a clinic named Lotus. I had no good experience with that clinic. It was scam only. I am a mother now. I have no more worries in my life now.

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