Surrogacy Experience.

I think i should also share my experience about surrogacy for someone seeking for it.
I was infertile due to cancer and i was unable to have a baby.
Later we found about surrogacy.We moved from Japan to Europe for surrogacy.
With the help of internet in Europe we came to know about a good clinic there.
We than moved to Ukraine.We finally went through surrogacy.Soon we will have to beautiful daughters via Surrogacy.
Surrogacy is very good you people should also research about it i guess.

  1. Hannah.David9 months ago

    Hey, thank you for sharing your experience. Reading success stories always gives me so much hope. I have been facing infertility for more than 3 years now. It seems like an endless journey. Had to deal with a lot of failures. I first started with IUI didn't work out for me. Moved to IVF that also didn't work for me. Doctors had already told me that there were very low chances of success in my case. Low Amh levels and poor ovarian reserve means that the only way out for me is really DE. So now I too have opted for this procedure. So far the clinic has been amazing. The patient-practitioner relationship is something extremely important for me and they are excellent that. I am waiting for the clinic to inform us about if the surrogate got pregnant. Really excited to hear the news. I hope everything goes smoothly.

  2. rebecca129 months ago

    This is just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your story here. I see a lot of women upset due to infertility. They will definitely get motivated by your post. One should not let infertility get over their lives. There are a lot of assisted conceptions available nowadays. They're here to help us fulfill our dream of having a baby. And methods like IVF help us to experience a natural pregnancy. We should be thankful for them. It's great to see your excitement. Congratulations to you! Daughters are a beautiful gift from God. Your hope and patience will finally pay off. May your lives be filled with happiness. All the best!

  3. DiannaViktor9 months ago

    WOW! Congratulations. I'm glad to hear that it worked out for you. Yes! I've heard of many cases of Europe. They have really good centers treating and helping people from all over the world. Yeah? Anyway! Thanks for sharing it here. I'm sure it will help many other women who are undergoing any of the assisted procedures. I'm also going IVF next month in Kiev. So, yes! Stay blessed! xx

  4. Petja9 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am also looking for surrogacy. Surrogacy is very common today. I have been trying to TTC from last 10 year but i don't have any luck with it.I went to many doctors for check up.They can't tell why i'm unable to conceive.I don't know the reason for my infertility.I tried many other methods like IUI and IVF but there was no luck with them too. So i gave up.Than a friend of mine told me about surrogacy.I found surrogacy to be a good solution to my problem.
    I have contacted some clinics about surrogacy.There are best clinics about surrogacy. BioTexCom is a good clinic with good reputation and reviews. i have contacted the clinic.They told me we can have a baby of our own.I will surely go for surrogacy soon.I am still finding some answers to my confusions.
    If someone has experience about it let me know than.

  5. Boone9 months ago

    Congratulations dear. This is really great. I am so much happy for you my friend. The only thing that you have to be worried now is about how you take care of your daughter. She is your love now. Everything that you desired for is now with you. This is the circle of life. I don't think you might get luckier than that. This is the final stage. I am so much happy for you. God bless you.

  6. TheOptimistic9 months ago

    Congratulations n becoming a mom. It is not less than a miracle. Surrogacy has done great works for the infertile couples. You are also the lucky one. It is a difficult decision for any IP to think that they cannot be parents naturally. It takes time to come to terms with this situation. Becoming parents through surrogacy i going to be a great experience. You will always cherish these precious moments. Surrogacy has contributed a great deal in the lives of the infertile couples. It is a process that has rendered unimaginable happiness for the IPs who had forgotten about becoming parents. Your post is likely to impress and inspire many couples thinking to go for surrogacy. Despite the fact that many people know that they need a solution they are not ready to accept it. Accepting the truth is very important to change the life. Life is not what it seems to be. It is very important to fight the hardest moments with courage and bravery. In vase one route to happiness is closed you can think of chosing the other ways. This can make the life easier and happier. It would be great if you share the surrogacy experience for the future.

  7. diana_mom9 months ago

    That is amazing dear. Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative post here. I have seen many ladies suffering from infertility. Your post will definitely motivate them. One should not let infertility to ruin their lives. There are many misconceptions relating to infertility nowadays. Well, these treatments are a gift from science to the humanity. Methods like IVF and surrogacy help people to conceive a baby. We should be very grateful to the facilities providing such treatments. Your excitement filled me with great pleasure. Accept my heartiest congratulations! Children are the blessings of God. Your optimism and patience will definitely pay you off. May you get what you want. Best wishes!

  8. eilsie9 months ago

    Thankful to you such an awesome sum for sharing your story here. I see a lot of women shake in view of desolateness. They will get impelled by your post. One should not give pointlessness a chance to get over their lives. There are an extensive measure of helped beginnings available nowadays. They're here to empower us to fulfill our dream of having a tyke. Additionally, procedures like IVF help us with encountering a trademark pregnancy. We should be thankful for them. It's unprecedented to see your vitality. I'm sure it will help various different women who are encountering any of the helped frameworks. In vase one course to fulfilment is closed you can consider choosing exchange ways. This can make the presence not so much requesting but rather more blissful. You should share the surrogacy experience for what's to come.

  9. Jane Drake9 months ago

    I hope you get your daughters soon. You must be so excited. It's such an exciting news. Have you planned everything? I am sure you must have. After all, you are getting happiness after so long. All thanks to surrogacy.

  10. Nida John9 months ago

    Hey, How are you? Hope you are fine. Welcome to this forum. Thanks for sharing your worries with us. I hope you will get good piece of advice here. Really sorry for your losses my dear. Life is full of ups and downs. Really sorry to know about your infertility. Its good that through internet and these forums you get to know about surrogacy clinics . It is the best solution for those couples who didn't conceive naturally.Congrats for your successful experience . You did so much for this time and now finally you are getting the fruits of your patience. You are going to be amazing mother.My prayers and good wishes are with you.Cheers.

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