Two Miscarriages & Now Positive for Lupus.

I've had two early miscarriages last year. I recently done bloodwork and they said all tests were good except one that came back abnormal for ANA. Which I asked what that meant and they said I might be positive for Lupus. I have to go back and do more bloodwork to confirm.
Who has this? What is it exactly? I looked it up (of course), but I do not have any of those symptoms.
Has anyone ever been told this and then found out that you didn't have it?

  1. scarlett99999 months ago

    hello. how are you now? hope you're fine. I don't know about this much. but I really hope you get well. ill pray for you. more power to you. take care hun. keep me updated.

  2. lizaj9 months ago

    Hi, there your story touched me .miscarriage is the tough time in women life .when you lost your child. I can completely understand the pain you have gone through. My sister was in the same situation .she get her surrogacy treatment from a clinic in Europe. You must go there. Till then best of luck.

  3. emma2289 months ago

    Hey. So Sad to hear that you suffered a miscarriage. But, You shouldn't lose hope. You should go for other Unnatural methods like Surrogacy. I had Cervix incompetence disease. Due to which, I was left infertile for almost 10 years. But I wouldn't give up. I went for IVF but that was painful procedure so I left. Then one of my Freinds suggested me about Surrogacy. Surrogacy is the painless and the best procedure. By this, you will have your own biological baby. I went to Europe for the suggested clinic. They provided us a Surrogate who got pregnant after some weeks. When I heard about that my Heart blossomed with joy. I am enjoying motherhood now. You must go for it. Stay blessed.

  4. melissastan9 months ago

    Hi. Congratulations on getting the BFP. I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriages. It must have been so hard to deal with them. It gets so frustrating and disappointing. But I'm glad you are pregnant now. You deserved this. Good luck.

  5. Sofia19948 months ago

    Miscarriages are very hard to face for a woman. I have been through this and i know how it feels to lose your unborn baby. I had a lot of complications while getting pregnant. First i was not able to conceive. After sometime i conceived for the first time but i miscarried at 8 weeks. Than i tried again and again i lost my 2 babies. Now i am 43 years old i know this is not the right age to be pregnant again as already i had many complications so i will go for surrogacy now to have a baby.

  6. Petja8 months ago

    I am also infertile. But my husband is supporting me at every stage. After many years of TTC. We hadn't any luck. So we went for checkups but there was no issue between us. We were worried. Further we went for more tests but same negative results. Doctors can't even tell the reason behind my infertility. I was worried. But my husband supported me. He said we can go for some other procedure to have a baby. I started looking for other methods like IVF and IUI. But both didn't worked for me. So at the end we end up in choosing surrogacy. Surrogacy is successful for many people. I hope it will be for me too. We have contacted a clinic too and soon we will start our journey there. Good luck everyone.

  7. alice998 months ago

    Hello there. I am so sorry for what you are going through. Miscarriages are very hard to face for a woman. I have been through this and i know how it feels to lose your unborn baby. Don't lose hope. stay strong.

  8. LonieKot6 months ago

    Ukraine is very popular for its clinics regarding infertility. I have been there in Ukraine myself. There are a number of clinics in Ukraine for infertility solutions.
    I was infertile due to hysterectomy cancer. I was cancer free after sometime but it resulted in my total infertility. My husband decided that we will go for surrogacy to have a child. Here in Japan surrogacy is prohibited. So we moved to Ukraine for surrogacy. There we found a very good clinic which is best for its surrogacy. We started our surrogacy journey at that clinic. Clinic founded a good surrogate for us. Then we went through the whole process and everything was just perfect. Now our surrogate is pregnant with our twin daughters. We are so happy that we will finally have our baby with us.
    We will be flying to Ukraine once the clinic let us know the delivery date of our surrogate.
    This is the story of our surrogacy journey.
    Good luck to everyone.

  9. LonieKot6 months ago

    Many people are talking about surrogacy here. I thought i should also share my experience with surrogacy with you people here.
    I am from Japan and was happily married. I had hysterectomy cancer from early stage. I went for the treatment and i was cancer free. But this resulted in lifetime infertility. First 6 years of our marriage passed on happily roaming around the world. After 6 years we both felt the need of our children. But we both knew that i am infertile. So my husband decided that we will go through surrogacy to have a baby.

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