Battling with pain

Hello all, I have recurring cracks in my nipples and don’t know what to do about them. I have been battling with the pain for many days. How long does it usually take to heal? When speaking to my child health nurse she said physiotherapists can help and she referred me to a place called Focus Physiotherapy near my place in Etobicoke. I was thinking of getting the physiotherapy treatment ( ) done as I am getting desperate about how to keep feeding. I thought I would share it and get your opinion as the pain is getting really bad.

  1. Liams_mom161 year ago

    I had this problem when my son way born. They take a long time to heal sense you can't leave them alone. Not wearing a bra and learning how to properly latch your baby will help. I also used a nipple shield. Keep it clean. Hope this helps.

  2. RhiaLyons1 year ago

    I used nipple shields since I have inverted nipples, which caused them to be very painful. The nipple shields are inexpensive and hold any and all material away from your nipple when you're not feeding and can help them heal. Lanolin also helps. Also try different positions when feeding baby. Just hang in there, it does get better!

  3. Chase11111 year ago

    Life saver!

    I used this with my daughter.

  4. dazzy shahu9 months ago

    First of all, congratulation for your healthy baby gift in your life you are one of the lucky women to conceive effectively to enjoy dream baby girl in your life. This is golden opportunity for you to celebrate this unforgettable moment in your life with happiness. I can understand your problem because I also handle this horrible problem in my life just one year ago. Now I am happy and healthy enjoying baby gift in my life that is fulfill my whole life with happiness and brightness. We consult with a gynecologist to get permanent solution of my problem. We try many effective methods but not succeed. It is very important to accept my husband support to provide appropriate help to handle this terrible situation in my life without her support I am nothing and not able to handle this horrible situation in my life. I can understand your painful life.
    I want to suggest you to handle this horrible situation with positive attitude and strong will power to enjoy this unforgettable moment in your life. You should give importance to healthy lifestyle and balance diet to provide appropriate nutrition value to get real time benefit to overcome this horrible situation with balance in body and mind. You should not underestimate the power of balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. It is medical proven fact that healthy lifestyle and balance diet provide real time benefit to reduce pain in whole body. You should consume milk and multivitamin tablets to overcome this horrible problem in your life. You can start early morning walk with effective yoga and meditation to get full relaxation with the best method to get your body hormone level in balance with full relaxation.

  5. sonamgupta21079 months ago

    Hi dear. There are a lot of reasons for your cracked nipples. I will suggest first to consult a good lactation consultant. I consulted in Lotus Center and it helped me a lot. Being in tremendous pain and having sore and cracked nipplesare signs that something is wrong. A lactation consultant can relieve your discomfort and may even recommend pumping for a day or two while your nipples heal. When you resume breastfeeding, your lactation consultant can give you advice to make breastfeeding comfortable for you and your baby. She can make sure you're holding your baby in the right position, check her latch, and look for any other issues that may be causing the nipple pain. If a shallow latch is causing your nipple pain, try varying the position for feeding and experiment until you find a way to get a deeper latch, with her mouth covering most of your areola. Your nipple should be far back in her mouth, touching the palate. Try alternating between having her on your lap, at your side, and lying down in bed next to you. Thrush, a yeast infection in your baby's mouth, can also cause sore nipples. And cracked nipples put you at risk for mastitis: If you develop a fever, sore muscles, yellowish discharge, or tenderness in one breast, call your doctor. She may prescribe antibiotics to fight the infection. To soothe cracked nipples, try applying modified lanolin (ask your lactation consultant to recommend a brand), expressed milk, or even olive oil to the nipples after each feeding. These can ease irritation and help you heal, and they don't need to be washed off before nursing. Lanolin is greasy, though, and if you apply some just before a feeding, your baby may have a hard time latching on correctly. I hope these processes will help you.

  6. Neha58 months ago

    Illnesses or irritants in your environment can cause nipple problems. These problems, including those involving the milk ducts, can occur in men and women. This article addresses nipple problems in both sexes but not in women who are breast-feeding or who have just had a baby.

    Many nipple problems have nothing to do with breast cancer, but they could indicate a serious underlying condition. Always see a doctor if you have nipple discharge and you aren’t pregnant or breast-feeding

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