Birth Story Time! #1

My water broke at 8:20 am and my contractions started instantly. They were 2 minutes apart and a minute long.
After about 10 minutes of contractions, I called my midwife at the Birthing Center, and she told me to get there asap.
I was planning on a water birth, so they had the tub ready for me. And let me just say, the water helped so much! After 3 hours, I had my midwife check my progress, but I was only at 7cm. So they had me try to pee. I sat there for 4 contractions, and the last one was so big, I finished dilating, and I felt the baby coming.
My midwife checked me again, and asked how I wanted to proceed, so I used a birthing stool. 2 pushes and her head was out. I looked over at my husband, and he had tears streaming down his face, and a giant snot bubble. 1 more push, and I was handed my beautiful baby girl. She was 6lbs 8.5oz and 21in long!

  1. Rose1359752 years ago

    And she was born at 11:20, so only 3 hours!

  2. IntoTheWoods2 years ago

    I have a boring story. I was 41 weeks and 1 day so I had to get induced. :( I tried ALL the natural inductions and nothing! I went in at 7 am, got a foley bulb/balloon inserted at 10 a.m. Labor had finally started but it was not enough. Around 8 p.m. I got Pitocin started. Around midnight I got an epidural since the Pitocin really kicked my butt! I labored all night. Nurses kept checking me but I was progressing slowly. Finally around 10 a.m the next day I was ready to push! 42 minutes later my son was born. I was relieved!

  3. Rose1359752 years ago

    Nothing about that is boring!
    Birth is absolutely amazing! Its crazy what women can go through!

  4. Oliviabee331 year ago

    I went in for my weekly visit at 32 weeks found out I had preeclampsia then after that things moved pretty quickly I had to get an emergency c-section because I was showing sigh of an oncoming seizure.

    Then with my daughter I went in again for a visit and the whole thing Heppen again it was a night mare but this time I was 36 weeks I never thought I could cry that much tears.

    Both kids are doing fine my son 32 weeks has HDHD and asthma not sure if it's from being preemie. My daughter is great no sigh of any problems yet she began talking at 9 months putting sentence together so I'm very proud of her she's 2 now and talks all day long

  5. Samitha1 year ago

    My first was so easy - they gave me epi and I slept and they woke me up when time to push - so easy didn't feel anything then my son came ( second baby ) wow scary experience - epi plus two doses plus pain medicine nothing at all worked - he was so big for my body , 9lb8 oz tore me up , I shook none stop and kept throwing up everywhere but the shaking was crazy , my whole body shook , it was very painful .. So when they say birth is beautiful - I say it can be but not always . My first was a quite baby my second - he's opposite . It's amazing the big difference I've experienced between my two . I will say just holding my babies I'm the happiest mother however I do not want to have anymore bc this last experience was so much on me ..

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