Hello all my breastfeeding/pumping mamas!

Who here has had the trouble or is going through the hard times of breastfeeding their little ones? not latching on? supply too low? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!! I am a mama of a 20 months old boy that breastfed him till 18 months old!!!

In the beginning, it was NOT all easy and dandy. It was one of the hardest thing i had to do and most painful experience i had to encounter. But i dedicated my life to increase my supply and latch my son correctly because breastmilk is truly the best milk! I am now a certified lactation consultant and would LOVE to help mamas in need because breastmilk is not only great for kids but also super for moms! I want to help you continue your breastfeeding journey!

I recently started a lactation business and it has been sharing around the world. Please mamas, if you need any tips or advice contact me at
Instgram- @josies.milky.goodies

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