Hello all my breastfeeding/pumping mamas!

Who here has had the trouble or is going through the hard times of breastfeeding their little ones? not latching on? supply too low? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!! I am a mama of a 20 months old boy that breastfed him till 18 months old!!!

In the beginning, it was NOT all easy and dandy. It was one of the hardest thing i had to do and most painful experience i had to encounter. But i dedicated my life to increase my supply and latch my son correctly because breastmilk is truly the best milk! I am now a certified lactation consultant and would LOVE to help mamas in need because breastmilk is not only great for kids but also super for moms! I want to help you continue your breastfeeding journey!

I recently started a lactation business and it has been sharing around the world. Please mamas, if you need any tips or advice contact me at
Instgram- @josies.milky.goodies

  1. Neha58 months ago

    Breastfeeding is so easy. After all, it’s one of the most natural things in the world. After a bit of practice, everyone should be able to do it with a blissful smile on their face.

    The truth is, breastfeeding is hard.
    REALLY hard.
    For some moms, breastfeeding is difficult in the beginning and then it gets easier. For others, the battle is fought for months before deciding to stop. But whether you nursed for one day or four years, the whole experience isn’t without struggle. And those who say different are lying. Or need a roundhouse kick to the boobs.

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