How long was your labour?

My first was 12 hours, and my second was even longer - 15 hours and ending in a c-section. How long was yours?

  1. Sunny883 years ago

    I went into labour at home around midnight and for my first it was so quick!! I got to the hospital by 1am, and had jax by 4am ! :)

  2. Julia High3 years ago

    Oh goodness, my two were like night and day - 36 hours and 6 hours pushing with #1; in labor at 5PM, birth at 7:30PM, home by 10PM with #2! I was SHOCKED!

  3. Michelle Anne Wilson3 years ago

    Oh wow Julia #2 was so quick!! I can't believe you were home that fast!

  4. Lovey3 years ago

    Too long lol!

  5. [ deleted account ]3 years ago

    I was in labour for a total of 32 hours and pushed for a good 3 hours... YES I did get an epidural thank goodness ! :P

  6. Cheerio7773 years ago

    My son gave me 6 hospital visits back in 2012 before he decided to come. I pushed for two hours and was induced about 24hrs before that. Then he had to be
    Csectioned out of me as he got stuck when he was almost fully born. Then later in week, I had a heart ablation. Breast feeding was a challenge for me but was glad I was able to do it when I could. My son turns three soon. We best buds and I am big momma when I have to discipline.

  7. Cheerio7773 years ago

    But I often pass the spanking over to my hubby as needed because I was abused as a child and scares me to have to spank my son. Love him too much

  8. [ deleted account ]3 years ago

    My waters broke at 8:30 AM on a Sunday, and my son was born at 1:53 AM the next morning, Monday July 28. 4 hours of pushing, about 12 hours of labor. Ended in emergency c-section.

  9. MamaJane3 years ago

    About 4 hours. It was a pretty awesome experience and totally not what I expected. It's crazy how so many moms have different birth stories. Love reading them all.

  10. Kimberly Anne Pennington3 years ago

    My first was two hours, the second was just under that.

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