How long was your labour?

My first was 12 hours, and my second was even longer - 15 hours and ending in a c-section. How long was yours?

  1. juliansmom11253 years ago

    I was in labor with my son for 13 hrs. Unfortunately the epidural failed 3 times. But he's absolutely worth it.

  2. Tina O3 years ago

    My first labor was 8 hours 6 minutes, second was about 7 hours 10 minutes and the last was around 9 hours (I think lol)

  3. BreeBreeSaysRawr3 years ago

    39 hours of pitocin induced labor for hypertension and baby went in distress so ended in emergency csection. (my csection i felt everything and right before the baby was born i blacked out a little bit from horror and re-awoke with his crying.

  4. Rose1359752 years ago

    My first was 3 hours total! My contractions started as soon as my water broke, at 2 minutes apart and a minute long. She took 3 pushes!
    My second was 5 hours of contractions and 5 minutes of active labor. She came with one push!

  5. Mrs.Onyx2 years ago

    24 hours with first 19 with second 17 with third

  6. CallMeTiffany1 year ago

    First (with epidural) was 14 hours. Second (with epidural) was 12 hours. Third (natural) was 3 hours. Fourth (natural, homebirth) was 3 hours. Fifth (natural, homebirth) was 4 hours.

  7. Rise-Of A Fallen-Angel1 year ago

    39 and a half hours with my first , 49 and a half hours with my second. I wouldnt dialate no matter how much i walked. Both natural no tearing no screaming. All in all it went surprisingly smoothly. Less painful than i thought it would be considering how small i am. Everyone had me convinced id be torn in two . Hehe guess not.

  8. Nicole956289 months ago

    My water broke at 4am on a Monday. I gave birth at 1:33pm on Wednesday. I think that's 57 and a half hours? I was very close to having a c section. Luckily I dilated to 9 centimeters and was able to finally start pushing! The pitocin drip they had me on for two days did not have much affect. It was all worth it in the end when I got to see my daughter.

  9. g44083809 months ago

    Hi dear. I am glad that you asked the question. I had been getting light contractions since about 28/29 weeks when I was admitted to hospital with threatened pre-term labor, to ease those, we used heat packs, my partner would massage my back and general pain relief. When it was the real thing, my water broke with my little one at 10 pm on Monday night, got to the hospital at about 11-11:30 which was good timing because then I started having really bad contractions, however, I didn't have my little girl until 9:15 pm on Tuesday night! So my 'active' labor was about 9 hours, but having full on contractions for almost 24! It would have been longer, we got to 8cm dilated and she got tired, so they had to vacuum extract her. So I can tell you one thing if have any complications visit Ukraine as their experts are the best in the world in matters of the reproductive system. I hope the information I gave will be helpful to all. Be safe and stay blessed.

  10. sonamgupta21079 months ago

    Hi dear. I saw your story and want to tell all mine. I am wondering about the same question. I’m trying to conceive for a second baby after my first was delivered by EMCS following 27 hours of labor (increasingly painful contractions every 5 minutes for that whole time. A friend who's a consultant obstetrician said that because the baby hadn't actually gone through the birth canal, the usual expectation of the second labor being quicker wouldn't be true. But I'm not convinced about that. Would be good to hear other's opinions and experiences on this one? One of the main reasons I'm considering an elective caesarean next time was how long it took last time, and unfortunately I was quite sick which made the whole thing feel pretty unmanageable (plans to swing my hips and bounce on the gym ball to hurry things along went very much out of the window!!) But I feel I could cope if it was going to be less of a long haul. Thanks to all for listening to my story. Be safe and stay blessed.

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