It's my delivery next month

Hi, all mums here. I am new to this place. It's my delivery next month. My mum is out of station and it will be difficult for my honey manage it alone. And he has plans to hire a caregiver ( ) from Diamond Personnel. I still don't how things gonna work out. I don't want my love to be behind all this. Will caregivers be there throughout my delivery? Is it possible to hire a caregiver for this purpose? Will they stay throughout my delivery? Doc during the last appointment said that there would be complications in my delivery. And I got RA and the joint pain is so severe that sometimes I am not able to control my pain. Can anyone here help me in this situation and tell me what can I do?
Suggestions, please.
I am badly in need of all your suggestions guys
Please do revert back.
Thanks in advance. God bless.

  1. callisy6 months ago

    Congratulations for your pregnancy. It seems it is not easy for you. Now that it is just you and your DP. But I think you know your day. You can go to the hospital the day before. Or if you will still be strong go to the hospital the same day. So that when you are in labor pain you will already be in the hospital. Alternatively you can spend a week prior to your day at a family place. That way they will be there to help. I really do not believe in the caretakers. I know this is a personal decision. But since you want help, I will speak my mind out. I do not even trust midwifes. I rather be in the hospital. One that I trust in that case. Like Bio tex in Kiev. That clinic has the best services. You can get their parenting tips here But you can still decide what to do. I can offer you my reasoning. Or you can tell your husband to take a day off in the work. So that he can be with you that day. If you have a car it will be simple. If not you can plan to have it earlier than the day that you will be conceiving.

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