It's my delivery next month

Hi, all mums here. I am new to this place. It's my delivery next month. My mum is out of station and it will be difficult for my honey manage it alone. And he has plans to hire a caregiver ( ) from Diamond Personnel. I still don't how things gonna work out. I don't want my love to be behind all this. Will caregivers be there throughout my delivery? Is it possible to hire a caregiver for this purpose? Will they stay throughout my delivery? Doc during the last appointment said that there would be complications in my delivery. And I got RA and the joint pain is so severe that sometimes I am not able to control my pain. Can anyone here help me in this situation and tell me what can I do?
Suggestions, please.
I am badly in need of all your suggestions guys
Please do revert back.
Thanks in advance. God bless.

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