Natural delivery

My plan was to go natural and I went thourgh 62 hours of labor

  1. [ deleted account ]4 years ago

    I went natural with both, each was four hours start to finish so I lucked out. Most of that 4 hours was pretty easy. I don't fault anyone who opts for medication but I'm glad I went natural birth myself. I was up and about right away with both.

  2. [ deleted account ]4 years ago

    wow i thought i had a long natural delivery of 41 hours

  3. Rayana Nicole4 years ago

    Wow! More power to u ladies! I had epidural with both my babies.. with my oldest I was in labor for 6 hrs and with my son I was in labor for 4.. I like the quick labors as that is all ive had! :) I cant emagine 62 hrs! Omg!

  4. [ deleted account ]4 years ago

    You and me both. I don't know if I would have stayed natural if I'd had a long labor!

  5. Rayana Nicole4 years ago

    Lol! I told my boyfriend that their was a lady in labor for 62 hrs.. and he asked if that was even possible. Lol! MEN!

  6. Kristin R4 years ago

    I did a natural birth in 24 hours... It was long and it was not easy, but I'm really proud that I made it through and it was the right choice for me. I think it's good to share positive stories to encourage anyone wanting a natural birth that it is possible. We hear so many horror stories of painful labors, but our bodies were really made to do this and you can handle it (barring complications) if that is your goal!

  7. Amber Farrell4 years ago

    I had all intentions on going natural, my water broke at 3 am it wasn't bad just a trickle and I wasn't having contractions so I went back to bed lol (I thought I just peed at first) In the morning figured out if definitely wasn't pee and went to the hospital. I was dilated 3 cm but wasn't going anywhere so they had to give me potosin which was some terrible stuff. From 11 am - 7 pm they kept uping the potosin and at 7 I couldn't even describe the pain my husband supported me going natural though we decided I was going to get the epidural. I started to push at 7:45 and had my baby Amelia at 8:15 pm :) I will say me personally I am so happy I got the epidural. I didn't have any complications and I was up walking to the bathroom 15 min after I delivered. For my next I will not feel guilty at all for getting one sooner.

  8. Ahurst74 years ago

    Wow! I'm pregnant now with my 1st, one more month til due date, I am hoping labor isn't that long but am okay with getting the epidural

  9. chelseatwoundertwo4 years ago

    I went natural with both my children, and definitely don't regret it. It's hard of course (they don't call it labour for nothing!) but the end result is worth it. If all goes well, you're immediately able to move around and feel more normal and be able to bond with baby better. Not that I would ever blame a soul for wanting an epidural!

  10. sherdonna4 years ago

    i had all five of my kids natural my youngest son i had a water birth i loved it my fourth child was 9 pounds that hurt lol

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