Natural delivery

My plan was to go natural and I went thourgh 62 hours of labor

  1. Jamie Murphy4 years ago

    I ended up having a natural delivery with my second -- but not by MY choice. We headed to the hospital when the contractions were 6 minutes apart (but unable to speak through them) and I ended up delivering him within an hour of arriving at the hospital! He was 9.5+ pounds and he came out in four pushes. Breathing techniques helped me A LOT. I think they helped me TOO MUCH in the fact that while I was telling triage I wanted an epidural, they were taking their time because I was handling my contractions very well. If you aren't mentally prepared for a natural delivery, it can be pretty scary to be told that you don't have time to get any drugs. But that's what your body is designed to do, right?

  2. Linny7134 years ago

    I started having mild contractions at about midnight 7/06-07/7 and went to the hospital at about 3pm on the 7th. I went from 3 cm to 9 cm within the hour and headed to delivery. Once I hit 9 cm though, contractions slowed and finally at 6 am on the 8th, after about 45 mins of pushing my hunny was born 8lb2oz and 2 weeks early. For me, the whole experience was amazing. One Dr. (Not my OB) said he would have NEVER believed I was 9 cm dilated. I still don't know if that means it was an easy labor or if I just rocked it! No matter how the baby is delivered, good breathing and a strong mind will get you through it!

  3. Amanda J Morczek4 years ago

    I went natural and tried to refuse the IV but they wouldn't let me. Early labor started around 1:30/2 AM, water broke and my contractions got seirous real fast around 4:30, and baby girl arrived at 9:21 AM. I had massive back labor it was awful but I wouldn't change a thing!

  4. Kimberly Anne Pennington4 years ago

    I had two natural home births, and I really can't imagine doing it any other way. The second time, I used Hypnobabies for the last several weeks to help practice relaxation and positive thinking. That and the birth pool made it possibly as comfortable as childbirth can be!

    Expecting #3 in October and I am looking forward to another water birth. The warm water alone does wonders to help me relax.

  5. Jasmine221 year ago

    Hey, good to know about this, Giving natural birth is always good. Congratulation's to you and your family. Medication is good to have in pregnancy, but i don't know why people don't want to have a natural delivery. It is always helpful to avoid problems in future life. You are a strong women who have decided to go for this process. Good to see people like you sharing stories.

  6. Ada1 year ago

    Earthgirl2014 how much stamina you have dear. Is your baby safe.?? it seems that you are telling lie. But I know you are not doing that. This is too much long time. Dear, I can’t imagine the situation you have gone through during your labor pain. You should go to the hospital where doctors can give you some type of pills to boost up your process. This may help you for bearing pain. The stunning thing is you are alive. you are brave and strong enough. But second time don’t do this. Life is very expensive and you cannot but with money at all.

  7. Boone1 year ago

    Yes your decision is 100% correct. Going natural is best. You should not be worried about anything now. Well you suffered 62 hours. It's a little more than normal. What can we say. Sometimes these things happen. There are certain methods to make this thing early. Sometimes due to some problems. You might get late. don't worry about it. The good thing is now you are a mother. Congratulations.

  8. Boone1 year ago

    Well, at least you got a baby then right? Congratulations to you then my friend. I know sometimes it's late. This could happen to anyone. It's not just you. It could be anyone. I just hope that you are okay.

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