Nurse call system

I am 8 months pregnant and due in July. Since my husband would be abroad for 3 months he has appointed a nanny to take care of me. We are not close to any of our parents so there is no one else to take care of me.
I sleep in the master bedroom and the nanny sleeps in the guest room across the hall. She is a sound sleeper though, last week I called her at night as I was not feeling so good, but she didn't hear me. I am not using mobiles now to avoid radiation so I am planning to install a nurse call system ( ) in the room. I talked with one of the installers and the quote seems good, but if you have any other suggestions, let me know.

  1. TriniMami42081 year ago

    Is this a first time incident...? Did you just try and call her with your voice b/c unless you were YELLING at her......and if she is that sound of a sleeper and the door is closed....she probably isn't going to hear you. What was so bad you could not get up and walk across the hallway or handle it yourself? I would discuss with her if there is a way that she could get a hold of you besides a 'nurse' call system. Invest that money into diapers or something - your husband has already gotten you a nanny. Did you think of trying baby monitors in each room? That just seems a little excessive in my opinion ESPECIALLY for being across the hallway.

    Look at other outlets or talk to your caregiver.

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