Poll - Was your baby early, on time or late??

My bub was 2 weeks early!

  1. Cookie Girl2 years ago

    My oldest was either 2 weeks early or two weeks late :)
    My youngest was 3 days early

  2. Michelle Anne Wilson2 years ago

    My first was 1 week early, second one day early, and now waiting for the next to come!! :D

  3. Christa2 years ago

    Preterm mama here - but only six weeks early. Spent a little time in the NICU. My son was was four weeks early but was able to go right home. No reason for it, I just evict my babies early, apparently.

  4. Sarah J Mackay2 years ago

    I had a c-section so my bub was right on time ;)

  5. Shelley882 years ago

    My first was 1 month premie, and 2nd a few days shy of due date.

  6. Ryrie2 years ago

    On time!! By about a day :)

  7. Robin Mambouka2 years ago

    13 days late

  8. Sarahandbubba812 years ago

    my girl was 5 days early

  9. Lana792 years ago

    6 weeks early! little premie :)

  10. TeacherMom272 years ago

    7 days late & had to be induced!

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