Prenatal childbirth classes!

My sister is 5 months pregnant. I’m so happy for her and since it's her first time she doesn’t know anything about it. I don’t know how she is gonna manage because she is not a mother type, she was always like a tomboy type, and she doesn’t take proper care of herself. I asked her to join prenatal education classes where they teach the things which we need to do in pregnancy times. If anyone has attended the prenatal classes, please give some advise, will this really help her?

  1. hellenie1 year ago

    I have told her to join the classes held by new mummy company ( )

  2. BrianNo1 year ago

    I think every new mom-to-be should attend one of these classes. They are really helpful. I did not know anything about taking care of a baby, it was these classes that helped me learn.

  3. [ deleted account ]9 months ago

    Just surf you will come across quality services providing courses. Really helpful ones.

  4. Neha53 months ago

    Can you really be “prepared” for this experience that is individual and takes a different course for each pregnancy? Although no one and no class can cover everything you may come across in your birth, there are still important reasons to take childbirth classes, even for experienced parents.

    Childbirth classes give you a solid footing and overview on birthing basics as well as possible interventions you may encounter. Knowing the possibilities and how you feel about them in a pre-labor state gives you a leg up if you should face that during labor. Nothing and no one can completely prepare you for what your exact birth will be, but you can gain important knowledge and information in a good childbirth class and it will absolutely help you be more prepared than if you did not take a class at all.

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